Downloading a self-extracting zipfile

Am I correct in thinking that when you wish to download a very large (1.6 Gb) self-extracting zipfile, you should click “save” rather than “run?”

That is all.

6 of one, half-dozen of the other. If you pick “save” you’ll have to manually run it when the download is done. if you pick “run”, it’ll run automatically. Either way, the file ends up in your Downloads folder so you can run it again at any time. (Depending on your OS/browser. IE might still put “run” items directly in the temp folder instead of Downloads; I haven’t used it in ages.)

Save might be more convenient if the download is going to take a significant amount of time and you don’t want to be bothered with it running when you’re engaged in some other task, but you run the risk of forgetting about it. (I’ve done that many times…)

Does it wait until it arrives before it tries to extract then?

Oh, hey, if you are downloading a ginormous game then, and you have clicked “run,” then the game will try to run from the temp folder?

No, the installation program for the game will run. But otherwise you’re right.

So, if someone other than myself has internet explorer because they don’t trust mozilla, and they wish to download a game and insist on clicking “run,” it might conceivably be a bad idea?

Downloading and choosing “run” is only a bad idea if you want to save it and never run it. Don’t see why the choice of browser has anything to do with it.

Your antivirus software should check it either way.

If you click Save: File is saved to your downloads folder and is visible from the downloads list. You have to manually run the file once it’s done.

If you click Run: File is saved to your temporary folder and is not visible from the downloads list. Automatically starts after download is done. If you close the program once it starts automatically and want to manually run it again, you have to hunt it down in the tempo folder. The file automatically gets deleted from temporary folder when you close IE.

If you download a big game, just make sure you finish the installation before you quit IE. Or click save to play it, well, safe.