Problems with downloading files on my computer

Lately, for some reason, whenever I click on a link to download say, a zip file, instead of the dialog box popping up to ask me what I wanted to do (open, save to a disk, etc), it will start OPENING said zip file, instead of giving me the option to save it to my hard drive (disk, whatever)

Now, I can always just right click and “Save Target As”, but quite frankly, some of the sites where I download zip files (for the sims) have the “No Right Click”, so that screws it.

Any way to fix this? I’m running Windows XP, and IE 6.

(And no, I don’t want to hear about using a different browser, not right now. I’ll deal with that later).

A “maintenence reload” of the browser and the service packs associated with it seem to be in order here.

You may want to start here:

Thanks, I’ll look at it.

Ther’es nothing wrong with our browser; you don’t ned a hotfix or SP.

You probably inadvertantly checked the “don’t ask me again” box on a download for that file type once before. So from now on it doesn’t ask, it just opens it.

To fix that, start Windows Explorer (the disk/folder/file tool, not the browser).

From the menu, select Tools | Folder Options … Click the “File Types” tab. Scroll down to ZIP files, highlight that item, then click the [Advanced] button. You’ll see a checkbox “Confirm open after download”. That checkbox will be unchecked.

Check it and [OK] twice and and you’re back to normal.