Downloading the Beatles. When?

How far are we from the day we will be able to (legally) download Beatle songs?

Is it just that Paul (and Ringo) can’t work things out with Yoko?

It’s frustrating, because I’m sure I remember Paul saying last year that it was imminent.

The Beatles’ catalogue is available from many of those Russian sites. I’ve never been clear about their legality or the morality of using them.

George Harrison’s son stated in an interview recently that he hopes to start a new website which would solely sell Beatles songs for download.

I really think it’s a crying shame that about the only artist’s work that isn’t available for download happens to be one of the best groups there’s ever been. It’s crazy.

I’m less concerned with the availability digital downloads (I have most of the discography already) than I am with remastering. As in: When the hell are they going to remaster the bloody catalogue?? As far as I know they haven’t been touched since the initial and, IMHO, substandard CD releases in the late '80s. I have a large collection of FLAC files ripped from vinyl by groups like DESS and Mirror Spock that sound twice as good as the current CDs.

And of course, “Love” was as revelation not just because of the remixes but because of the high quality production. It really provided an ugly contrast with the rest of the Beatles CDs. I desperately want George Martin to clean up the rest of The Beatles’ releases before it’s too late.

Please excuse my hijack.

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