Downtown clock tower is broken

This is a big clock tower in downtown that chimes every hour. It works fine until midnight. At 3, it will chime 3 times, 7, 7 times etc.

At 12:00 a.m. it will chime over 45 times. What is wrong with the clock and how can it be fixed?

Are you sure it’s not playing “Ave Maria”? :smiley:

Got some bad news…you’re gonna need to get a DeLorean and go back to 1955…

You’re going to need a 3/4" socket wrench, ten meters of 16 gauge copper wire, a signed 19-stroke-5b work order and a set of jewler’s calipers. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the type of question that would be better posed of, say, the building owner, or better yet maintenance guy. If you are said maintanence guy, mentioning where you purchased this clock and what you’ve done to it lately might help. :slight_smile:

Jplacer, when you’ve found out how to fix your clock, you might want to offer your services to Christ Church, Oxford. The bell there tolls 101 times at 9:05pm every evening, and has done so for hundreds of years. [Intentionally, of course, in their case.]

Maybe you could make up some cute local history as to why your clock chimes as it does, and make it a tourist attraction?

As a matter of interest, which “big clock tower in downtown” is the OP referring to?

Here are a few people that service tower clocks


John Smith and Sons

Frost Bros Some neat pics

Wait, is this a real clock with a problem, or just some brain-teaser?

I don’t own the clock or work on it at all.

I work at a night at newspaper that is located across the street from the clock tower. We go have to go outside to smoke and my co-workers and I have avoided going out at midnight, because the chime is so damn annoying.

We were just curious what was wrong.