Dr. Phil just roasted my college...

How do you make up the words: “Slippery Rock” in the first place?

Well, at least you didn’t go to the University of North Texas. I looked it up, and that’s where Dr. Phil got his degree. He roasts them continuously just by being who he is.

So, Slippery Rock University, huh? I bet a big part of orientation is learning how not to slip on the rock. :stuck_out_tongue:

So you went to Slimy Boulder then?

Nah, that’s not a roasting. He didn’t specify anything about the school, or criticize anything in particular about the school, other than the fact that it’s not Harvard or Yale or USC.

I suspect that he just named some random small college that he’d heard of (possibly because of the unusual name), as a contrast to a prestigious or well-known school.

I have a friend who went there. Golf scholarship. Didn’t know they gave out golf scholarships fifty years ago.

I love that Dr. Phil assumed it was fictitious. But if he was saying it for laughs, he should’ve called it by its earlier name: ***
“Slippery Rock State Teachers College”.***

(I’ve always loved the name. Fraternity founded there, and we made fun of the name all the time.)