Dr Pimple Popper, the TV show

I’ve only seen (most of) one episode, in which she was draining fluid out of a black guy’s back. She had a number of huge syringes full of it which equaled about a liter’s worth. Did they ever say what the fluid was or where it came from?

The lab said it was lymphatic fluid, and when the fluid came back yet again, she ordered a CAT scan and found out that he had some kind of deformity in his lymphatic system, and referred him to a surgeon to get it corrected.

I saw an episode where the doc removed these pulsing cysts from a woman’s scalp. Why hadn’t she had something done about them before?:eek:

Same with the girl who had a golf ball sized lump above her eye.

Same episode I think.

Most likely, they didn’t have health insurance, and/or the idea of the procedure frightened them.

Regarding the man mentioned in the OP: Did anyone else notice that his girlfriend’s mom’s fingernails were so long, he had to make a sandwich for her because she couldn’t do it herself?

What boggles my mind is that she does removals of lipomas (benign fatty tumors) that are the size of softballs or larger, IN THE OFFICE UNDER LOCAL ANESTHESIA. I’m really surprised that it isn’t done in a hospital with general anesthesia, by a plastic surgeon.

She’s back. I can’t watch the icky parts, so what little I did watch last night was broken up by me averting my eyes from the screen and staring at the wall clock.

What happened with the lady with the infected sweat glands? Did she get relief from the steroid shots?

Egad, just looking a the title of the show makes my gorge rise :eek: So it’s not, as the title implies, all about run of the mill acne and , uh, extractions (barf), right?
Do you think it’s meant to appeal to people who just like to watch medical procedure shows or is it more for folks who have a fetish for this kind of, um, thing?

She seemed like a caring, knowledgeable dermatologist. Her YouTube videos have apparently racked up hundreds of thousands of views. Not my cup of tea, but Ivylad and Ivygirl like to watch.

I hope not.

I find them bizarrely fascinating. Aside from the grotesque fascination, I get a weirdly sympathetic feeling of relief. I can only imagine it is the same as empathizing with the character in a drama or a romance. But in this case, instead of feeling vicarious emotion we are feeling vicarious relief. Seeing the excised… umm… ‘tissue…’ brings with it a sensation of cleanliness.

That guy with a large ( cantalope) cyst on his thigh. Biggest cyst/pimple ever. It was full of cottage cheese gunk. Very gross. I wondered why he had had this thing long enough for it to be that big.
Last nights episode.
ETA he should have been in an operating room for that. IMO

EACH of them racks up views in the six figures, or even seven. Her husband, Dr. Jeffrey Rebish, is also a dermatologist and sometimes appears with her, although he does have his own channel. Several of the videos have featured them doing procedures on their two sons, who are now tweens. The one I most remember was the one where she removed a plantar wart, and her son DID NOT like the idea of the numbing injection.

If you have that many videos, they will monetize, and a while back, she did some procedures on an elderly man nicknamed “Pops” whose wife died in the midst of the series, and she donated the money from them to him. IIRC, it was over $6,000. :cool:

She’s also an accomplished classical guitarist.

So what happened with the woman with the infected sweat glands? I felt so sorry for her…she’d tried for years to get help, and no one before Dr. Lee had suggested steroid injections and offered to per her in contact with fellow sufferers.

I wondered about the sweat gland woman. She gave her a painful shot and hooked her up with some one else with the disease. Unfortunate. I can’t see why that woman couldn’t take antibiotics and get relief?

I meant VIEWS.

I haven’t seen that episode, but I do know that suppurative hidradenitis can be very difficult to correctly diagnose, and requires surgical correction. Antibiotics may relieve symptoms, but a cure won’t happen without removing the diseased glands.

The woman with glands had them allover. Surgery would seem impossible. The Doctor did say they were connected by tunnels under her skin. It sounds like a horrible condition.

Huh. I figured she’d be more into pop.

I see what you did there:)

The kind of pop music that cutters would like…

Another thumbs up from a normal, boring person who empathizes with how much better the patients’ lives will be afterwards…