Dr. Who and para-humans

Inspired by the recent “Voyage of the Damned” episode, although I think the same phenomenon has happened before. The “almost-exactly-like-Earth-humans-only-not-from-Earth” thing. Is this the “space is a fantasy land” trope at work, or has this ever been rationalized?

I’m not a Dr. Who expert, but I think other than Dr. Who, most human-looking people are humans. But, after having left earth and colonized the universe for many millennia, most humans don’t particularly care about, or associate themselves with earth anymore. It’s not a perfect analogy, but it’s kinda like I’m technically African, but my ancestors left there 40-60,000 years ago so who cares?

No, I think (and some non-canon sources agree) it’s that everyone looks like Time Lords, at least superficially.

Probably designed that way via morphogenics so TLs can more easily fit in anywhere, is my fanwank.

This has always sort of bothered me about Doctor Who, and in the Titanic episode even moreso. I mean one guy even had a cell phone!