Dr. Who - Human Nature 8/24

Dammit I hate this episode

because I’d have to wait a week to see part 2 if I hadn’t already seen it and it is such an outstanding story

Bastards at work are making me work late so I’m going to miss it on SciFi, and even though I have it on the computer it’s not the same thing. :frowning:

It is a wonderful two-parter, I’ve been going around all week telling folks if they are not watching Doctor Who yet, now would be an excellent time to start.

I know not everyone is crazy about him, but I am a much bigger fan of Tenant than I am Eccleston, and it will break my heart to see him gone someday.

Superb storytelling. The pre-credit sequence was just brilliant, and the story took off from there.

I also loved spotting Thomas Sangster from Love Actually.

And, alas, we will have to wait two weeks. :frowning:

Two weeks? Surely not between Human Nature and Family of Blood?

Anyway I think that Cornell and Moffat ended up writing the best three weeks of Who, ever (well pretty much). Luckily Moffat is doing a two-parter next season, but unfortunately Cornell isn’t.

I have to wait two weeks, that is not right! Good Episode.

You can read the original story here , but to be honest I wouldn’t until you have watched the TV version. The next story that is up is this one , and I wouldn’t recommend reading that one either, unless you have young children.

And what’s this two weeks pish anyway - is this Scifi-TV just being their useless nonsense?

I will hold off on reading, I can’t complain too much about Sci-Fi channel, at least they are committed to showing this delightful show. The new Dr Whos are the only ones I like as much as Tom Baker’s. I never really liked any others.


Awesome, you’ve just seen the first of the triple - 3 amazing Dr Who stories in a row (Human Nature, Family of Blood, Blink). Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the next episodes!

I think Struan is a bad person for posting those links. They really are major spoilers!

But yes, you are in a nice place if you still have The Family of Blood and the utterly brilliant Blink to come.

Well, I hate to be the rainer-on of parades but my take on *Family of Blood * is that it was just awful, awful rubbish. One of the worst maifestations of what I call the Andrew Cartmel disease *Dr Who * doesn’t seem to have shaken between it’s incarnations.

Says mm, who coincidentally sat with Mambolad the Younger today and watched “An Unearthly Child”…

Family of Blood was on here tonight. I thought it was great. As a whole, the two-parter was about as good as Dr Who has ever been. It’s about the Doctor and about Dr Who. I was moved.

Finally got to watch it this morning, and go SciFi! They actually did a decent job with the tiny cuts they made and where they put the commercials, I was impressed. Still just blown away by the quality of this episode - the acting and the chemistry between the two leads, especially considering poor David was deathly ill during the filming of these two; Martha on top of her game with sussing out that something was wrong with Jenny and offering to put a bit of gravy or some mutton in the tea to flush her out; the guy who played Baines was just marvelously creepy…once again, I’m struck by how many of the actors had to take on two entirely different characters and how well they all did, even the little red-balloon girl.

And mamboman, yours is the first negative take I’ve heard on Family of Blood, ever, but fair enough. I still think it’s fantastic, and I think it’s horrible that we have to wait two weeks!

Ha, if you’ve not yet seen Blink you’re in for a hell of a treat. Even to a lukewarm Doctor Who fan like me it’s an amazing slice of television - thrilling, terrifying, engrossing. The best episode of all of the recent series’ (and far, far, better than the climactic episodes for this series).

Blink will have you screaming at the end, In my case, it was screaming “Ditch Martha, take Sally!!”


Oh, I just can’t wait TWO WEEKS for the 2nd half of this story. Is there anywhere with a legal download of the ep?


And those of us who have not yet seen it and have no idea who Sally is are now screaming “thank you for the spoiler!”

Don’t worry too much. There’s no plot spoiler in Annie’s post; the actress playing her managed to make her seem more interesting than Martha, that’s all. Same as Chantho, who’ll you come across in the episode after that one.

Me too.