Dr. Who Season 3 will be starting in July on Sci-Fi for the US.

I keep seeing the season 3 threads and I thought some other US dopers might be interested.

Without giving away anything, would anyone that has been watching season three like to comment on if they are enjoying the new season?

Who else is looking forward to season three?


I will say that, with the exception of the first two-part episode, Season 3 has been overall very enjoyable and gives every indication of lots more awesome to come. I’ve been running kind of hot and cold with the new companion, but she’s looking more promising.

Even though I’ve already been watching the new eps, I will certainly re-watch them again once they come to the US. Can’t wait!

I’m enjoying it a lot. The new companion is looking good (heh) although has been underwritten in an episode or two. The first three episodes are great, and then there is a two-parter that falls a little flat - but is by no means as bad as the first two-parter in Series 2. The most recent episode was up to the high standards of the first three. From a second-half of season trailer that has just been shown over here - it looks fantastic from here on in!

More generally, Tennant now owns the role completely, the FX budget has been put to very good use, the scripts seem tighter and the jokes are better this season too.

Actually come to think of it you guys won’t have seen the Christmas Special, right? Assuming that this will be “Episode 0” of the SciFi run, I’d recommend having a few beers and watching it in the festive spirit of early evening on Xmas day, post-large-meal. It works well that way, but may not appeal so much on a sober summers day. I will say that it includes the single best scene involving the TARDIS ever!

Ooh, I’m ready right now! I sure am going to miss Billie Piper, though.

The new season of “Eureka” will also start in July on Sci-Fi. It’s nice to have a little oasis of fresh programming in the midst of the reruns that the big networks will be airing.

Ooh, good point! I personally loved the Christmas special, and second (and third and fourth) the assertion that it contains the best TARDIS scene ever!

You didn’t like Age of Steel??? Wow, I thought it was excellent.

I agree with the others here, that this series is pretty good, but not amazing. It’s a little familiar, and nothing new has really been introduced yet. I liked the Shakespeare one the best so far, mostly due to old Shakey himself, who was wonderfully written.

I like the character The Face Of Bo. Who would have thought a giant face could be a character you’ld like to see popping up in episodes. I hated the original episodes with manikins and the the newer ones with them are just as bad.

Well, I haven’t seen any of the third season so far.

However, I find it hard to believe that they’ll top the episode where the TARDIS appears between two dumpsters, the Doctor tries to step out (but can’t, because of the dumpster), so the TARDIS disappears and then reappears rotated 90 degrees.


They have, although the dumpster scene is the funniest one involving the TARDIS.

I’m afraid I didn’t. It wasn’t awful, but I thought they cheapened the Cybermen and I really couldn’t buy Trigger as Evil Bad Guy.

I’m looking forward to seeing it, although I will miss Rose. I hope they show the Christmas Special first, although I seem to remember that Sci-Fi skipped it for one of the earlier seasons.

I had a look on the SciFi channel boards (shudder), and they are starting off with The Christmas Invasion.