Dr. Who's third season on Sci-Fi?

I assume it’s coming, but I cant find any good references anywhere?



No info here - I’m curious too. I just wanted to add, when will we see Torchwood? I’m all about Captain Jack.

Season three has not even started yet in Britain, Just the Christmas Episode “The Runaway Bride”. To the best of my understanding Sci-Fi will pick up season three when it is available and on a similar delay to the last two seasons.

From the Sci-Fi Channel: the third season is scheduled to air on the network beginning in the summer of 2007.


I can find no announcements on US viewing. The first season will be showing in New Zealand, Australia and Spain. No word for Canada so far. It is possible there is no deal in the works at this time and we may have to wait for BBC America.


I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high.

Yeah, I was all about seeing Torchwood until I read some of the Torchwood threads.

No, please say it isn’t so. BBC America: like network television, but with 40% more commercials.

I would settle for On-Demand, that is how I have been watching Coupling season 4. A very, very great Brit Sit-Com. The other option might be NetFlix.


I’d be surprised if any network other than, say, HBO or Showtime, were willing to show Torchwood in the US. Even the Sci-Fi Channel would have to bowdlerize it all to hell to make the sponsors happy.

As per this

Australia will not be airing Torchwood. My boyfriend, who is very into the whole Doctor Who and Torchwood scene says that Spain is the only other country to pick up the show and it will definitely NOT be aired in America any time soon. Also, interestingly Season Two won’t even be airing at all, Britain included, until 2008. In my opinion, from one who LOVED Captain Jack on Season One of Who, while the name of the character is the same, everything else about him in Torchwood is different. He is not Captain Jack. He is much more irritating and totally unlikable.