Dr Who theme tune played on a pair of giant Tesla coils

For the Dr Who fans, or those who just like massive electrical arcs.


OK, that’s just plain cool.

Dude testing a Faraday suit to the Imperial March takes it a step further.

That is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.


I’m such a geek.

You make it sound like the two are mutually exclusive. :slight_smile:

I’d prefer it without the background music, myself. Unless that is also somehow being created by the coils. Than that is absolutely amazing!

We in the 21st Century not only [post=11170991]call lightning from the sky[/post], we make music with it. :cool:

Aww, that just rocks! Thanks for sharing it.

That is too cool for words!

They are playing music through it (here’s a link to a wiki page on the “singing Tesla coil”) and the drums are robotic and they use various other alternative gizmos to create the music, ETA: including some pre-recorded stuff and regular live instruments.

You can tell these things are really loud because of how long the reverb goes o after they stop.

I want that played at my funeral.

Mine goes to 11.

Would I be right in thinking that these devices are also crudely transmitting wideband AM radio renditions of the tune?

I understand this. It’s the stuff in your ETA that I could do without. To my ears, they are drowning out the Tesla coils. And that’s the part I want to hear.

Cool clip, marred somewhat by the boring camera angle and almost nonexistent editing.

Thank you, Victor Fleming. :slight_smile: