Super Mario Bros. theme played by...Tesla coils?

I shit you not!

Hot damn!

Finally science has given us a cooler musical instrument than the theremin.

That is undeniably cool. I was wondering how the damn thing worked, and came across this YouTube video explaining the physics and electronics involved. Most of it is over my head, but the short version is that the spark is cycled on and off to match the frequency of the note passed in. This version can even do chords.

Every decent orchestra should have one.

Is it technically a brass instrument?

A musical instrument that can kill you? That’s metal. That’s totally metal.

I will go see any touring group that comes through with one of these.

Actually - Weird Al needs to use one of these on his next album.

I know you’re reading this! A truly electric polka mix!

Holy high voltage, Batman! These guys are really onto something great here.

I’d like to think they chose the music based on its great farting bassline, but I’ve known enough geeks in my time to know better.

My request: One of the Brandenburg Concerti. The one everybody knows. I think it’s #2.