Dr Who: Tom Baker confirms identity of the new Doctor

Just now listening to an interview with Tom Baker;

  • <This radio show, interviews are usually available to listen to in due course>*

“ . . . been 12 years, has to change; girls, mode of transport (possibly)
. . . Interesting to see what they do with it in Wales . . .
. . . nature of a ‘cult’ programme is people don’t want it to change . . .
. . . Eddie Izzard has the right qualities, the right clothes”

Interviewer: “Are you confirming Eddie Izzard is the new Dr Who?”

Baker: “Yes I am”

. . . Girl also confirmed, long legs . . . as tall as Izzard, maybe talller . . .

Name not yet revealed.

Interview continues . . nothing else interesting . . .

Interviewer: Just confirm before you go, Eddie Izard, the new Doctor?

Baker: "Eddie Izzard"


And why would Tom Baker know who the new Doctor is?

You know, I never would have thought of it before…but I think that he would be a good Doctor. Assuming the souce is credible.

Because he was invited to be interviewed on the subject on a BBC radio show. Geddit?

Nope, I don’t “geddit”.

Does the BBC share such information with all surviving former Doctors, or is Tom Baker just special?

Eddie Izzard?

Does he get to play The Doctor in drag?

It’s possible that some of the new production team may have talked to him.

As to the idea of Eddie in the roll I suppose it depends on how he plays it. He’s a telented acter and an awsome stand up comedian…

Having said that Tom was probably just taking the piss though, he has a really warped sense of humour.

Okay . . . he repeatedly implied the new production team had consulted with him - as well as, presumably, others. As they would, it having been 12 years and they being new to the subject matter.

Plus, one arm of the BBC is not going to sanction someone broadcasting on another arm of the organisation false information – the programme producers would have checked had he asked to be interviewed but the chances are he’s doing promo for the new series.

It’s a public service broadcasting organisation, the idea is to serve the public, not treat it to a series of false stories. Just doesn’t happen. This was effectively an officially sanctioned press release, done nicely by using an old Doctor.

Maybe it’s a cultural thing . .

Maybe. I honestly don’t know much about the BBC, all I know is Eddie Izzard playing Doctor Who sounds like a joke and a bad one at that. Mind you, the only things I’ve ever seen him in are Avengers and Mystery Men, (as well as some of his stand-up) so you can understand that my confidence in his ability to portray this role, especially compared to the that of the man giving this apparently official announcement, isn’t very high.

Okay, they have this up now. More coy than the interview so maybe they’re going to drag it out a while longer:


Can’t believe they’d sanction genuine misinformation, though. Never been known before.

“This is Kev the Dalek, he has two death rays, he is very dangerous. This is steve the dalek, he has two plungers, he doesn’t really count”

I think Izzard is a very talented actor and would do a great job as the Doctor. A few months back we had a “Cast the Hitchiker’s Guide Movie” thread and I suggested him for the role of Ford Prefect. I’m just surprised he took the role because it’s a bit of a dead end, career-wise. I mean, you’re on TV all the time, but once you’ve been the Doctor, it’s hard to get other roles.

I think Eddie’ll make a great Doctor. He’s got the right combination of intelligence and eccentricity. Plus it would make sense for him to want to do it - he’s Doctor Who fan, plus he’s been trying to break into acting for years, without a tremendous amount of success. Unless he makes a complete pig’s ear of it - and I don’t think he will - it can only increase his following.

The source, while much loved, is notoriously lacking in credibility.

Tom Baker is taking the piss.

Why would he know the new Doctor? Why would he blab it when the production company haven’t told anyone yet? How could he know when they say that they haven’t cast it yet?

The world and his dog has an opinion on this subject. He was asked to conject, he obliged and then was asked if it was fact. Baker was winding up the interviewer for asking such a stupid question.

The fact that it’s on the BBC means nothing. Tom Baker is not a BBC employee.

Wow. If this is true I think I just became a Dr. Who fan.

Unfortunately most of his film roles have been too small to showcase his acting talents. He wasn’t given anything to work with in Mystery Men. I suspect he took that part just for the Disco Boy clothes. He was pretty good as a flamboyant lone shark in Circus, though the movie itself was so-so. He was excellent as Charlie Chaplin in The Cat’s Meow, however. Rent it if you get the chance.

Argh. Loan shark.

Doctor Who is still on the air?

Dr. Who was never cancelled, but has been on hiatas since 1996. It is coming back in 2005

Cite: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/news/drwho/2003/09/26/7012.shtml