Dr. Willem J. Koloff inventor of dialysis passes


Dr. Koloff, one of the true greats has left the building. So many lives saved by this wonderful man’s invention.

Yes- like my nephew. Dialysis kept him alive until he could get his liver transplant at 3 months old.

Thank you, Dr. Koloff.

I was a dialysis charge nurse for many years, and I learned so much from the books that Dr. Kolff authored. What an amazing man.

My stepfather was one of the first people to have dialysis done, back when it was still completely experimental. He talks about them reheating the blood for re-insertion into the body by running it through some loops of tubing that were sitting in a coffee percolator. If he said the blood going into his arm was too cold, they put another loop of tubing into the percolator.

He recovered fully and still has his own kidneys.