drad dog: Fuck you, you smug, douchebag troll

drad dog, I’ve had enough. The last straw is in your “I think Tom Petty is overrated” thread when you say, in response to someone commenting that some folks might think Prince is overrated, you reply:

To be clear: No one started a thread about Prince being overrated. Here it is: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=791111 The OP is asking why folks hold him up so highly. YOU, however, stopped by to threadshit, oh, excuse me, “drop some supposedly heretical knowledge on folks who think they know better” where basically you came across as a three year who kept asking WHY?

“I don’t like that track!!! Prove it to me!!! Is this the track that is supposed to change my mind??? Guitarists aren’t real artists anyway, and my rules matter most!!!”

No, you chucklehead, we are not here to come on bended knee bringing you tasty treats. Fucking engage in a dialogue and respect what others have to say.

But that ain’t gonna happen.

As for Petty, at least you had the decency to start a separate “Prove it to me. Prove it to me. I am smugger and douchier than thou, but Prove it to me anyway” thread.

As many folks are chiming in, Petty was never on a majority’s tippy top list. But he was like the Oakland Raiders in the 1970’s - they were your second-faves beyond your fanboy/girl team. You just kinda liked them.

However, he sold a HUGE volume of records. Gained the songwriting respect of Bob Dylan and George Harrison. Had songs that are part of the fabric of (certainly U.S.) culture from the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s. Free Fallin’ will be used for some 3D holo-documentary about the U.S. in a hundred or so years when you and I will be long forgotten.

And you want me/Dopers to prove to you that he’s not overrated? Fuck you. He’s worthy of more respect than you, you smug douche. Petty was never my guy - I maintain four or so of his songs on guitar and rarely put on his albums - but I understand the facts of his career and respect him for it. Coming at it from that standpoint, one might choose to observe that perhaps Bob Dylan and George Harrison found a concise haiku in the best of Petty’s lyrics: “She was an American Girl, raised on promises.” “You think you’re gonna take her away, with your money and your cocaine.” “She was a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis.” We can picture these people in a phrase. What can you write that comes close to that? Petty’s best songs capture a longing, an outsider’s isolation and bitterness, in a way that Sting, Mr. King of Pain, can only approach with a sledgehammer.

But you would never have a conversation that led to that type of discussion because you are such a fucking smug douchebag troll.

Go away or grow up.

He’s entitled to his opinion, but I agree he’s a fucking smug douchebag troll in general.

Saying “fuck you” to other posters is a violation of the Pits language rules. Please avoid this in the future.

No warning issued.


Those threads are always just some smug dude sagely stroking his neckbeard and saying “Nuh UH!” to the responses to prove (to himself anyway) how much more enlightened he is.

People who actually care would phrase it as “what do you like about XYZ?” and then not argue that the respondents are wrong since the whole point is to learn what they think. When it’s phrased as “Prove to me that XYZ is good” it’s almost invariably masturbation.

Very sorry for that. This is my first pitting. Happy to retract the wording while sticking to the basic sentiment.

Good to see you had a Change of Heart about that.

Compassion is my middle name. We can all learn. Well, except maybe for drad dog. He can only teach.

I was going to say You Got Lucky that Miller didn’t give you a warning, but I think it’s pretty rare to get one for breaking that rule.

I see what you did there.

ETA: by the way, you’re, where? Salinas? You doing okay fire-wise? My mom’s in PG and she is freaked.

But did you see what I did before that? :wink:

PG = Pacific Grove? That’s nowhere near the fires. Air quality around there (and the rest of the Monterey Peninsula) was terrible on Friday, but much better yesterday and today. The sunset Friday was at the same time spectacular and frighteningly eery. I’m down in the Monterey area this weekend, but I live in the South Bay-- heading back tomorrow AM.

The Bay area has a huge population, but still most everyone seems to have relatives or friends in the North Bay areas affected by the fires. And we all know that it could easily be us.

Yes, Pacific Grove. I’ve been climbing Lover’s Point since I was nine.

My mom’s 82; she’ll need a big head start. :wink:

Nah, I know where it is, but am more speaking to being rattled. But I have friends up there who are leaving FB posts how they just got evacuated and pray for their town. So hard.

And no, no Change of Heart. I won’t back down.

I try my best to avoid (but not completely so) talking about music with him, exactly for the reasons you state, and he’s been that way since day one here. He’s the only poster I do that with. The fact that I saw WordMan start a pit thread. Man, I never thought I’d see the day!

Since it’s inappropriate to ATMB, an open letter to the idiot subject of this thread:

Drad dog, dude. I honestly don’t care if you have a scat fetish. But you really have to get away from the idea that that means that other people consider shit coming out of the ass to be sexual. Stop pulling shit out of your ass about ‘pulling shit out of one’s ass’.

Good lord, a side-pitting! I had no idea. Okay then. drad dog, stop that, too.

Pit scope officially expanded.

puly - all I want is a nice conversation. You come in and comment on theory stuff we don’t know about, you and other folks share their impressions. It’s music ferfucksake. It should be the basis of fun, joyous conversation.


Just a reminder: It’s 5:00 PM. He retracted the words at 3:30. It still says “drad dog: Fuck you”

Is that the way this thread is going to look?

The mods may be busy, you butthurt factotum.

I’ll miss it, but if Forget You was good enough for a Number One for Ceelo, it’s good enough for a Pitting.

For the record, we don’t edit posts just because someone “retracts” them. It’s going to continue to say that.

I can pretty much guarantee it’s going to look a lot worse now that you’ve shown up. :wink:

Let me get thing straight: It is a violation to say Fuck You to someone here. It is being done on an ongoing basis now indefinitely.

But you won’t change it?

So you are violating the rules as well as the OP?

Actually I’m here to clarify rules. I’m not going to participate under this title. Would you?

Miller’s the Pit boss. I’ve never seen him give a warning for anything except outright hate speech or disregarding moderator instructions. He’s never warned anyone for saying, “fuck you,” just given a mod note. I don’t expect him to change that policy any time soon. Would you feel better if he (Word Man) had stayed within the rules and told you to go fuck a cactus?