Dragon*Con this weekend...

This weekend, I’m going to Atlanta for my first ever convention. Anybody else going?

I am…5th year for me. DC is a blast, there is SO much going on. Have you picked out anything in particular you want to do/see?

I can’t afford it, but I’m going to try to hang in the neighborhood a bit - I’m going to see Terry Brooks in Decatur at 12:30 Sat for free (sweet!) then see what happens.

I’m going. It’s my second, went in '05. I had a bad cold then. My boyfriend’s mother is in the hospital this year. So I can’t seem to get to one without something hanging over my head. I gave up the idea of doing any costumes after I had pneumonia and then an eye problem in the past two months. I’m just going to meet the web cartoonist I work for (for free), go to a function related to that and then play the rest by ear.

I don’t think I have a particular plan in mind. I’m just going to take it as it comes and see where the days lead me. I’m going with some friends that are veteran DC goers, so that’ll help. Come hang out with us and have a drink. The more the merrier. Same goes for you, Wile E.

Draax (former member and my hubby) is going, though I am not. He’ll be the guy in the black toga with silver pinstripes at the toga party :smiley:

I’m going. Haven’t been to DragonCon, or Atlanta, before. I’m planning to see a local sight or two, depending on how I react to the weather; steamy heat and I don’t get along well.

I have a friend going who works security. I’m hoping she’ll manage to snag me something from Claudia Black.

Had I not had a family wedding this past week, I would have desperately tried to attend. I’ll live vicariously through everyone else’s experiences.

Hang out where?

If any of you kids get thrown in jail, feel free to call Soul for bail cash. Past Saturday (UGA vs Oklahoma State!), I’ve got nothing going on. Enjoy Atlanta, just about anything you could want to do is there (so long as you want to be really really really hot while you’re doing it).

Is your friend Eeyore? If so tell her Sasha says hi.

I knwo several people going but i am going to the Big Muddy Blues Festival in St Louis instead.

I think I will be there, at least on Saturday. I will be in town, anyhow. We should make ourselves a Doper meeting spot somewhere, or all tie on a bright orange ribbon or something.

Well, I will be offline for the duration of Dragon*Con and I have too many last minute things to do today before I leave to check back.

I could probably be found at any Sluggy Freelance function with the exception of the RPG. I’m short with strawberry blonde hair, I’ll probably be wearing my glasses so I can see more than 3 feet in front of me I will either be wearing blue or green shirts and blue jeans, except for my brown “caffeine-based life form” T-Shirt or if I buy some interesting T-shirt at the con. My badge should actually have “Wile E” on it. I’ll probably be walking slow and looking confused. That’s normal for me.

I think that’s a great idea.

You can hang in the halls for free all you like, and the fans are what really make DragonCon fun AFAIC.

Thanks! I didn’t know that and that’s where I’ll be. (If any Dopers see a black chick with locs wandering in the halls, looking confused and hungry it might be me. If one of you guys emails me I’ll send my cell# so that we can meet.)

Not sure about wearing a ribbon(it’ll mess up my costumes : ) ) but if someone wants to set a meeting spot/time I’m all for it. Or email me and I’ll give you my phone #…

SQUEEE! I will be arriving in Atlanta in a mere 12 hours!

The cell phone thing goes for me, too. Just email me and I’ll send it to you.

I’ll be there. Actually, I’m heading down there in just a few minutes to handle registration. I’d rather get it knocked out tonight than stand in line in the morning and run the risk of missing one of the events I want to attend.


So did everyone have a good time?

And, who saw me? I was dressed as Selene (from the Underworld movies) on Saturday and Zatanna (the DC comics super-heroine) on Sunday.