Drain Bead's back

I was just lurking, as I often do, and I saw a post by Drain Bead. I did a double take and had to check the post date to be sure I hadn’t dropped into an old or revived thread or something.

Hey, welcome back! Anything new in the past half decade or so?

Wow, she’s back? :smiley: So she must have been serious in her post on my site. I’m running an off site SDMB game of mafia and she’s on there posting. She made a post just the other day saying she might come back here.

Yeah, she re-upped yesterday and popped into the Forbidden Thread for Mafia V.

She also hails from a great city, if I don’t say so myself.

Sorry I voted to kill you, even though it was the right move.


blushes Should have known someone would start a thread, since I wasn’t about to do it myself. What’s next–ask the person who hasn’t posted here since 9/11? ;-D

It’s good to be back. I’ve been hanging out on LJ for the past…oh, six years.

What does it mean, “LJ”?


Hi Drain Bead! ::waves::: Welcome back…even though I didn’t know you from back then. There’s a question for you in Limbo. :smiley:

Live Journal

Are you a musician Drain Bead?

You’re welcome … assuming that was sort of an oblique thank you. Wow, six years to catch up and my post count is still lagging yours. Once a lurker always a lurker I guess. I still remember your thread about how Emily Dickinson poems could mostly be sung to the Gilligan’s Isle theme music. And then the one about the musician with his magic fingers. I’m looking forward to some more threads like that!

Hey, Drain Bead, good to see ya. "CatBiker’ here and doing good. Me and Ranger Jeff were wondering about you a few months ago. Still a lot of the old crowd around.

Be Well and Happy and we’ll be seeing you here and there…


Not in the least, unless you count drunken karaoke.


Where’s Ranger Jeff at?

P.S. Hi Libby!

I was so happy to see you on the boards again yesterday, as you were one of my favorite posters ‘back in the day’.

FTR, I was **Dewaholic ** back then. But I had to get off the junk, so I changed my username to something more ‘Kids in the Hall’-ian.

Well this has sure brought out a lot of the '99ers. Welcome back Drain Bead .

Hi DB :slight_smile:

Howdy, Drain!!! Missed ya!

Good to have you back, DB!

Who doesn’t count drunken karaoke?