Drama at the coffee shop parking lot.

So I’ve got today off and wifey is “working” from home today so we rode our bikes to Tully’s (local coffee shop chain) for breakfast.

We got our coffees and pastries and sat outside.

There’s a woman there with a stuffed gorilla in her arms. She’s talking to it. She’s also reading her bible to it. We didn’t take the table next to her.

There’s a dog too. It seems to be her dog. The dog likes to chase bees.

After smoking some cigarettes and reading and conversing with her gorilla, the woman gets up and starts walking across the parking lot. The dog follows. I’m somewhat relieved that she’s not driving. I notice the dog is still chasing bees.

At about this point, a woman in a Volvo SUV hits the dog. Gorilla woman keeps walking. Dog yelps and gets back on his feet. I don’t think he was too hurt.

A concerned guy runs over to the gorilla woman who is now way on the far side of the parking lot. A couple concerned ladies in an Accord pick up the dog. Some one tells them there’s an animal hospital just around the block. They start driving off with a tray full of coffee drinks on their trunk. I run after and stop them.

Concerned guy returns from talking to gorilla woman. Shrugs and says that it wasn’t her dog. Accord ladies drive off with dog.

Volvo SUV woman is crying in her car. She drives off with the hatch open, stops and closes it, then continues on.

That was all kinda weird.

That wouldn’t be the Tully’s on Sand Point Way, just east of U Village would it?
I’ve encountered a couple people lost in their own “otherness” there, but no one talking to a stuffed animals.

Don’t we live in a great place? : :smiley:

Tully’s in sterile boring Bellevue Eastgate which made it even weirder.

The truly bizzare thing here is that you’re in Seattle and you weren’t getting coffee at a Starbucks. :smiley:

I’ll pick Tully’s over Starbucks any day. I have a couple of each within a few miles of home. We also have a Starbucks in our new cafeteria at work but there is a Tully’s just outside work right on the south shore of Lake Washington.


This is why we MUST have compulsory Bible education in our zoos.

Never been to Seattle, but a girl I knew from there calls Starbucks “The Evil Empire.” She has been seen drinking it, though.

See, Starbucks is to coffee what Fosters is to beer. Good enough to export, but those in the know wouldn’t want to drink it.

whoa, that is a wild morning.

i’m glad to see that quite a few people (including you!) got involved in sorting things out. i hope the pup is okay, and volvo lady stops shaking soon. good karma points all around.

Whew. Just got back from Tully’s and there was no drama today.

No sign of gorilla lady. No sign of Volvo lady or any of the rest.
The closest thing to drama was they gave me the wrong kind of scone.

I don’t think bee chaser was too badly injured. Volvo lady wasn’t going
that fast and I don’t think she ran over him. Plus his collar had tags so
chances were good they were able to contact his owner.

Mind if I hijack with another “weird customer” story? At the cafe where I am a baker there used to be a customer we christened “the Buddha Lady” She had odd ways. Sometimes she would sit at a table after taking chairs from surrounding table and adding them to hers. At other times she would take all the chairs from her table but one. Her lipstick was applied very liberally, and sometimes she smeared it on her forehead. She talked to herself, and the one time I spoke to her she wanted to know if I knew that the world was controlled by the Illuminati. But she always had money, and was well dressed. We attributed her absences to occasional hospitalizations.

But she got her title when she told our kitchen manager that Buddha had been shooting laser beams at her from the ceiling of her bedroom, then came down and made love to her. She was weird, but less of a bother overall that some of the rambunctious kids we get in.

That Buddha’s a wily scamp!

All of us good Seattlites prefer Tully’s over Starbucks, even those of us who don’t drink coffee. (Hey, I occasionally go in for a black cherry Italian soda.) My local Tully’s (and the Starbucks across the street) are visited by a couple of odd sorts but they’re quiet and keep to themselves. They don’t tote any stuffed animals though.

Whyever not? :confused: