I Don't Understand People That Take Their Dogs With Them EVERYWHERE They Go.

I just don’t get it. I understand taking your dog(s) for a ride in the car on occasion, and not just to the vet, but to the park, the lake, etc.

But some people have to take their dog(s) with them on every single flipping errand they run.

I have a friend named Tim and Tim brings his dog with him literally everywhere. Tim has a bad habit of bringing his dog over to people’s houses when they are throwing a party. I mean, seriously? These people were gracious enough not to say anything, but how rude is that?

I must be getting curmudgeonly in my old age but I fail to understand people that do this. What’s wrong with leaving them at home?

You have to nderstand the human-dog relationship.
For us dog lovers, our dogs are close friends-and we like to be around them.:smiley:

We have three dogs. I own my own business, so I take all three to work every day. My business is in a rural setting, so the dogs can romp outside everyday.

One of our dogs has separation anxiety. She has been on trials of several medications, most recently Clomipramine. Every drug has failed. Left at home, she either destroys the house or the crate, or she harms herself attempting to get out. If there is no option, she gets heavily sedated which leaves her zonked for a coupla days.

But she likes being in my car. So I take her everywhere, and leave her in the car with windows open as needed. And she naps. The other day we were at a restaurant and stayed after dinner for a few drinks. When we left, my gf had a little shock as she began to doze and the dog came up behind her and licked her ear. We are so used to her being there that we forget.

ETA: Yes, we have taken her to parties. However, our friends have also reciprocated and brought their dogs to our home. Guess we just befriend people we get along with. Someone who would not like us to bring a dog is someone we wouldn’t be partying with.

This I can understand, in your situation with the rural setting and a dog with a condition such as yours.

FTR, I don’t hate dogs or anything, I have two of them. I just don’t particularly like their hair all over my car (and subsequently myself), their nose-prints all over the windows, etc. One of my dogs is a destructive chewer so he gets crated while we are gone or when we go to bed.

I totally agree but I’m not an animal lover. I HATE it when people bring tehir dog to my house or other people’s houses witout permission. If I am hosting a party iIam inviting people to it. Unless Rufus got an invitation leave him at home.
I am allergic to dogs and also have a major fear of them. Frankly I find their licking everything in sight utterly repulsive. I’d also like to know why people let their dogs lick their faces, mouths gross!!!
Dogs are not people. Stop treating them like thy are.

Exactly - I like dogs. I like cats. But if I’m giving a party, I’m inviting humans. Dogs are not humans in little, furry suits.

I’m ignoring the first part because I am a dog person and that means you’re completely wrong ;), but you almost nailed it with the last sentence.

It’s not that these people should stop treating their dogs like people, it’s that they act the same way as they should when bringing along an unexpected person.

Never bring an uninvited guest with you. Dog, human, alien it doesn’t matter show some courtesy and ask.

I agree, and the thing about my friend bringing his dog to parties and whatnot…he doesn’t ask beforehand. Just shows up with the dog. Its rude.

Go to the UK. They take fucking dogs everywhere. (As opposed to non fucking dogs I guess).

However, go on a seal watching cruise and some woman has two dogs on the vessel. Go on the Jacobite Steam Train and some turd has a dog on it sitting on the table.

Go to Dunottar Castle and some visitors will have a large dog racing up the narrow stairs which are bad enough at the best of times.

And the final bit of my chagrin. At Braemar pond where you get to feed the ducks- they waddle across and pull at your jeans so they get the best bits of crust- a tourist pulls up, says to his kids “look, how cute!” and immediately lets the fucking dog out to chase the ducks.

Does it come across that this irks me?

Dogs are people. They’re just not human people, and we do them a grave dis-service when we treat them as though they are.

That said, it’s not terribly healthy for other humans like children or spouses to spend every waking moment with us either.

It is rude to show up with an uninvited guest, and it is even more rude when that guest is not potty trained, upsets my dogs, and doesn’t know how to behave in a home. I don’t want another dog adding another load to the pile so to speak, or peeing on all the new smelly things or barking it’s head off or making my dogs bark at the intruder in their territory so that I can’t even have a conversation. Don’t stress out my dogs without my permission! Your dog is not more important than mine.

Either people already have dogs and should have a choice about whether to add another to the mix, or people don’t have dogs because they don’t want them or someone is allergic and should also have the choice of saying “no, we can’t have a dog over”.

You should see my dog with her face in the front window any time I leave the house without her (which is not often)*. It is the most pitiful thing you’ve ever seen. You would not leave that face home alone either!

That being said, I don’t like people bringing their dogs to other peoples’ homes un-invited, just because I know that not everyone else likes it and it makes me uncomfortable to know that everyone else is uncomfortable. Sometimes, I don’t even invite my dog to my own parties at my own house!

Yesterday I saw some lady with a weird looking stroller, at Home Depot. At first I thought it was the latest in baby fashion but I wised up and realized that she’d brought her dog for a stroll around Home Depot.

*I rarely leave the house w/o my dog but that is because I am usually dropping her off at my folks’ before I go somewhere. My folks like it and ask for it, I am not imposing on them. I am not taking my dog to Home Depot or to my friends’ houses.

if you had a three year old child, that got bored easily and could chew up all you furniture, alone in your house?

though i do have a friend that has a cat that chews through wires and cables so those beasts can be a problem too.

I like dogs, I like meeting other peoples’ dogs, and I find it fun to take mine places. But I wouldn’t take them uninvited to a party (although I might sound out the host beforehand as to whether it would be okay – but only if I was pretty sure the answer would already be yes.)

I am planning to take mine to a public charity event next week…but it’s a dogs-and-humans walk on behalf of an animal sanctuary. :slight_smile:

They’ve been to restaurants, but only fairly informal ones that have tables on the sidewalk. They were so well-behaved at Noodles & Company that the staff gave them coupons for free food on a return visit. :slight_smile:

My thinking on this is definitely colored by the personalities of the particular individual dogs in question. Our dogs are well-behaved with people because we manage them and interact with them instead of ignoring them (and because of their naturally sound temperaments). I’ve known dogs whom I would most certainly not take out to informal public events.

I can imagine!


That’s why we’re like God to them: when we leave, they are sad, when we come home its “The Life Bringer Has Returned!”


Love me, love my dog.

What’s that? You DON’T love me? Oh, OK. My bad.

I would never take my dog to someone’s house without prior permission. Even though I know which of my friends don’t mind and which do.

When I go on errands alone, I often let my dog ride along in the car. He is cooped up inside all day, so I try to do as much as I can with him on weeknights and the weekend. He seems to enjoy it and I feel better that he is doing something besides laying around on the couch.

I probably take my dog more places than most people in my region–when I visit family, he goes along, and if I’m going to be out for more than six hours, I try to take him. If it’s nice out and the gf and I are going to dinner, we go someplace with patio seating so he can come along.

I’d never take him (uninvited) to a party, though, or to any store other than a pet store (though he DID come the mechanic’s with me this weekend out of necessity–car overheated and there he was). On the other paw, he’s one of the cutest dogs in the nation, so he actually does get invited to a lot of parties, especially those hosted by young women.

This is how my dogs get treated too. My husband and I are hermit like at the best of times so when we do go out we try and plan for dog friendly locations so they get some public interaction. It’s good for them to be properly socialized and I definitely notice some deterioration of their public manners when they don’t get to practice.

That said it’s my responsibility to ensure that I take them places they are welcome and that they behave when they are in those places. So I talk to people before I bring them to houses for the record, only to the homes of my inlaws who think of them as granddogs and my kids who miss having them around every day, and I only bring them to businesses or events were dogs are expected. We go to Woofstock every year since the rescue group that brought us Kaia has a booth there and we deliberately make a separate trip for dog food once a month so they get to smell all the neat smells at the pet store.

Tons of people bring dogs to the local farmers market and I keep meaning to walk down there with them some day but I’ll only try that when I have an extra couple pairs of hands to carry things/hold leashes since shopping and maintaining doggy manners in a crowd is challenging.

I would never bring my pets with me anywhere. Unfortunately, they picked up this bad habit of thinking that all strangers are evil, and they seem to be beyond the point where they will get used to a new person. Granted, they’ll just bark and be scared, but that’s more than I want to deal with when I’m out with friends.

I honestly don’t think I’ve done anything to make them this way, as this never happened with our previous dogs that we raised the same way. But they are small inside dogs, and maybe you have to be more active in socializing those. But we rarely have company, and the last thing any of us is going to do is bring a misbehaving dog to anyone else’s home.

Still, they make good watch dogs: nothing gets by them.