Drawn Image of Little Mermaid Statue--Public Domain?

Someone I know is working on an animated feature in which the script calls for some of the action to take place in view of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. One person working on the feature said he thinks using drawings of that statue might be an intellectual rights violation. He mentioned that, for example, you can’t use images of the Hollywood sign without paying royalties.

Does anyone here know whether images drawn of the Little Mermaid statue, for the purpose of putting together a piece of animation, fall under public domain?


It’s not in the public domain, but as it’s a landmark, I think you’re pretty safe with a simple background depiction to establish location.

The estate of Edvard Eriksen sometimes gets litigious when the depiction is upsetting to them – such as when it’s shown being damaged or pranked, or if it’s just postcards or tacky tourist googaws of the statue being sold for profit.

To be sure, you could always get in touch with the man’s granddaughter. (How’s your Danish?)


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