Drawn together keeps outdoing itself in offensiveness

Each episode seems to outdo the other in terms of offensiveness. I love how they act like they take some issue seriously, but then suddenly jump into depravity and stereotype as if to say “just kidding!” Though I really think this is a surefire way of writing yourself into a corner. I mean, how much longer until we see jokes about Jews and Down’s Synrome?

Some bits that had me in stiches-

Bizarro Hero: Hey Captain Hero. I haven’t seen you since our little initiation a few years back.

Captain Hero: Look, what goes on in Bizarro land STAYS in Bizarro land, okay?

Bizarro Hero: I don’t consider the Greyhound station restrooms Bizarro land…

Toots: I don’t understand why nobody likes me!

Wooldor Sockbat: That’s cause your fat. Nobody likes fat chicks.

Captain Hero: [SIZE=1]I do*

Fat chick: squaks Its a living!

The Non Sequitur-

-A monster made out of thousands of Chinese kids

-Some traumatized leprechaun that was in Wooldor’s butt :confused:

-MRS PACMAN IS JUST PACMAN IN DRAG?! :eek: NO NO NO! runs off to burn clothes :eek: