Drawn Together 10/19

I am so glad it’s back - it was silly and full of clichés, but I liked it.
I had no idea Waldoor Sockbot was Jewish

a new character, who only lasted the one episode, was supposedly behind the genecide of the Sockbot race - and there were parallels to 1930’s Germany, the Nazis, and the Jews)

When they introduced the new character, who was Strawberry Shortcake with a thinly disguised pseudonym, I thought they were going to permanently replace Toot. But, no. Since Strawberry Sweetcake was evil (she even kncocked Foxy out, tied her up, and locked her in a closet (much to Cpt Hero’s delight)) she had to be eliminated. Toot took care of that very nicely, and completely in character - she ate her - in one gulp

“More like 18, I only taste 8.”


It wasn’t great but it didn’t suck either. I really like the show and hope it takes off.

What the hell was up with all the two similiar, and extremely long dick jokes last night? And they weren’t even sutble.