Drawn Together 10/19 Boxed Spoilers

First off. I’m so glad the show is back!

It’s been so long I forgot how good the show was. The writing for the show is great.

On to the 10/19 show;

is DT taking lessons from “Family Guy” or what?


Wooldoors ‘Burried Alive’ exchange: I LOVED The Dig Dug Reference.

Has DT always done the “Flashback” type jokes that Family Guy does? That is… not flashback in the real sense, but the suspension of current action just for a joke that fits in.

I’m not saying Family Guy is the ones who created the joke style, just that I count on Family Guy to bring those types of jokes forward.

But what really got me, is that the Dig Dug Screen joke was on screen for just the right amount of time… for me to stop laughing. And it was a LONG time. [/Spoiler]

How did they know?

Strawberry Sweetcake

I saw her in the previews. Was she a one episode character? I hope so, Foxxy Love’s Voice talent didn’t even try!!


Why didn’t they kill her off. instead of Wooldoor?! I mean I know Wooldoor didnt die… but still.

Glad to see Ling Ling is back. I only hope he gets more face time. His reference to Japanese Vending machines was good to. And from what I hear… Truthful. :eek: