Drawn Together references and inside jokes....

i purchased Season 1 Drawn Together on iTunes, (as well as S2, up to “Captain Girl”) and have been watching the shows looking for inside jokes and references, DT may seem rather dumb and shallow at first viewing, but they do pack a lot of references and jokes in that you may not get first time around, i figured i’d watch the eps and post the standouts

starting off with the S1 premiere episode;

Season 1;
Ep 1; “Hot Tub”
Toot’s initial response to Xandir references Tex Avery “Wolf” cartoons (catcalls, heart straining out of her chest)
<Spanky>“Dungeons and Douchebags” (Dungeons and Dragons)
Flinstones car and Jetson’s “hovercar” fly by an outside wide shot of the house
<Clara> “She’s attacking me like i’m the English language”
First Live-Action reference to Foxxy’s feet
SuperFreinds sound-effect/wipe from Capt. Hero picking up a keg to Spanky with a lampshade on his head
Smurf knife-fight
“The Kiss!”
“This Black Chick’s Tongue” (obvious rip on the standard Disney musical number)
Upside-down kiss (Spider-Man Movie)
Payoff to Clara’s “Blowhole” reference
Xandir plays a flute, turns into a tornado (possible Nintendo Wind Waker reference?), and ends up destroying a trailer park as he leaves…
Ling-Ling transformation sequence (say name 3X to transform, obvious reference to Pokemon, perhaps reference to “Beetlejuice”?
Clara’s vote/auction caller reference in keeping Foxxy on the show

i’ll add more in seperate posts as i re-watch the eps, anyone else who has the show, feel free to chime in, DT is deeper than it first appears, and it’s also shallow and stupid, that’s part of it’s brilliance…

Actually, it’s more likely a reference to the first Legend of Zelda. You played the recorder and a small tornado would suck you up and transport you one by one to the dungeon entrances. Unless you played it at the entrance to dungeon 7, then it made the entrance appear.

S1E2 “Clara’s Dirty Little Secret”
Callback to “The Kiss” (not sure if it counts as it’s referencing the last ep only)
The Kiss read by Droopy Dog
The M.C. Escher room!
Roe V.s Wade
Clara believes anything you tell her (Wooldoor-Priest)
“So, he died on the cross for our sins, you say” (Wooldoor nods) “yeah, i could believe that…”
The Birds and the Bees by Foxxy…
Scooby-Doo style “run away” reaction of the housemates after Toot causes the O.P. to go on a rampage
Wooldoor trapped inside the O.P. (Star Wars garbage-masher reference)
“This vagina sure could use a woman’s touch…”
Prison-camp exterior shot of the Drawn Together house
Capt. Hero writing in his “Journal” (Diary of Anne Frank reference)
Aliens reference (Octo-Pussoir has secondary jaw inside the main jaw, Xandir whimpers as the jaws approach, turns his head towards camera)
Misinterpret Ling-Ling!
The old “Neck-sprain-well-lit-pie” diversion (Scooby-Doo style reference)
Musicval interlude “La-la-la-labia!” (another S.D. reference)
Ling Ling drumming on dirty dishes (cymbals)
“24” style split-screen with another Star Wars garbage-masher reference, Wooldoor in the top right corner “Threepio, THREEPIO!!!”
Calling the Evil Stepmother on a Cellular Mirror…
Evil Stepmother looks like the typical Disney ESM
parody of “The Bachelor” (i think?, i don’t watch reality crapola so i’m not sure…)
Prince Charming, (generic P.C.)
“Love’s True Form” Shrek reference (P.C. gets octopodial genetalia)
Octo-Pussoir in the Confessional…
P.C. commits suicide rather than live with “Love’s true form”
O.P. writes a check to a worthwhile charity (Jesus for Jesus)
<Ling-Ling> It Creaning Dishes!
Musical closer (La-La-Labia!)

Last one tonight…
S1E3 “Gay Bash”

Xandir’s “Golden Ring” powerup is reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog’s rings
“Ren and Stimpy” style “grossout closeup” of Toot’s cleavage (twice)
first appearance of the “Producer”
<Wooldoor> Our stereo is a little old…( Flinstones style Pterodactyl Stereo “Wraak!, it’s a living…”)
Ling-Ling sews a TV
Yen “Ka-Ching”
<Foxxy>I used to tell people i wasn’t black, i just fell into a vat of chocolate pudding
<Wooldoor>(licking her foot) you mean this isn’t pudding?
<Foxxy> Did i tell you to stop!?
Wooldoor pulls an “Acme Gay Test” (Looney-Tunes Acme reference) out of his mouth (Ren and Stimpy reference, Stimpy producing items in the same way)
Foxxy holds up some Rorshak inkblots and Xandir says what he sees;
Cock, Willy, Wang, Woody, Wood, Pecker, blue veined custard-chucker, one-eyed wiggling welshman, pink-helmeted milk-shooting man-banana plunging into the hole of an ass
<Spanky> We’re gong to do great things together, just like Fat Man and Little Boy!
<Ling-Ling> Hai!
<Wooldoor> (to Toot) 'cause you’re fat, and nobody likes fat chicks…
<Capt. Hero> (on top of a fat woman) I like fat chicks…
<Fat Chick> Wraaak!, it’s a living
The one true test of a man’s sexuality, the mysterious and deadly Wood-Beast (cut to a tree trunk with holes in it, 2 prong claws pop out randomly (the wood-beast is a Flash Gordon reference, the claws look like the Predator’s blades, maybe a Predator reference?)
Xandir sticks his arm in the Wood-Beast stump (Flash Gordon reference) it eats his hand
<Clara> it’s not your place to punish yourself, it’s God’s
<Xandir> leave me alone, i’m taking another gay test
<Foxxy> the only test in there is a pregnancy test…
<Xandir>…great…now i’ve got two problems…
Gay Bash! (a party)
<Foxxy> Everything the light touches is gay <sunbeam flickers> (Lion King reference) chorus sings Ho-mo-oo, ho-mo-ooooo!
Snagglepuss and Elmer Fudd are at the party, faces blurred out
Bizzaro Captain Hero talks with Capt. H. about his "initiation"into league of heroes
<C.H.>What happens in Bizarro-world, stays in Bizzaro-world…
<B.C.H>Well, technically, bathroom in bus station not considered Bizzaro-world…
Xandir’s “Spin Jump” is very popular
Elmer Weawwy, weawwy wikes Xandir (Wandeer)
Spanky is running a Ling-Ling sweatshop cranking out ripoff-sneakers
Ling-Ling sings a sad song about his “best freind’s” “accident” (Ling-Ling is released from his pokemon-like container, turns and attacks the kid who owns it, shredding him to death, happily playing in his intestines)
Pac-Man (or is it Ms. Pac Man) finds out the “dirt” on Xandir…
<Wooldoor> (talking about how much fun he was having dancing) what the…(pixelated penis appears on left hand side of screen) hello…you’re a funny fella…<sniffs> what’s your name? <pokes P.P. and it makes “sproingy” videogame noises>
Xandir comes out to his girlfreind (captured by Evil Lord Slashstab) as she’s being lowered into a pit of Megacobras
Xandir’s full name; Xandir P. Whipplebottom
Vietnamese sweatshop kid asks Spanky to stop making ripoff sneakers
First time Spanky’s referred to as “Honorable Pig-Demon”
Xandir committing multiple suicides (due to multiple lives)“Goodbye cruel world, this could take a while” (keeps his housemates up all night killing himself)
<Toot> Dammit Xandir, can’t you kill yourself quietly, like Bizzaro Capt. Hero did?
(we see B.C.H.‘s feet swinging in the frame and the sound of a rope swinging)
<Capt. Hero>(stilted voice, shifty eyes)Uh…yeah…right…killed himself…tragic
<Clara> That’s it!, we’ll wish the gay away!
Clara knows where the one person who knows where the Genie who lives in the lamp is, and his weakness (holds up a pan of muffins)
Wooldoor is strapped into a chair, police interrogation style, Clara WHANGS him in the head with the pan of muffins…
Clara and Xandir perform a “Bad Cop/Bad Cop” style interrogation
Wooldoor keeps the lamp in his fanny, he keeps stuff in there and pull them out for comic effect
Wooldor’s fanny contains…
a French Horn
a lit birthday cake
pot of gold
a Leprechaun (shuddering in horror in the fetal position)
and the lamp
the Vietnamese sweatshop kids turn into a Robo-Transformer made of kids
The Genie sounds and looks like Robin Williams, references other Robin Williams films, Genie is offended by the “i don’t want to be gay” wish
spitted Spanky Ham promises to give Ling-Ling Honor if he “Kicks some Chinese-Children-Giant-Transformer-thing ass!”
Ling-Ling finally gets to Battle!
Ling-Ling’s eyes (and tail) become the Yen symbol to the “Cha-Ching” sound
Ling-Ling turns sweatshop kids into “sneakers” (straps them to the feet of NBA players)
“Being on feet of Shaquille O’Neal great honor!”
"That honor not so great, LeBron James is the future!’
Spanky gives Ling-Ling Honor in hat-form
Xandir and the Genie fall in love…
<Genie>“Say, why don’t you come into my lamp…and i do mean that as a double-entendre…”
Evil Lord Slashstab steals the lamp for no reason
Xandir is now on a never-ending quest to save his…boyfreind!
<Clara>So Xandir finally found new purpose and a new love, and like all fairytale endings, i’m sure he’ll live happily ever after…until God casts him into the firey pits of Hell, of course, but until then, he’ll be happy…
<God>That Clara is such a bitch, i love the gays, c’mon, they’re adorable, i mean calling hair gel “product”, that’s just fancy, that’s what that is <laughs>…what the…(pixelated penis appears on left hand side of screen) hello…you’re a funny fella…<sniffs> what’s your name? <pokes P.P. and it makes “sproingy” videogame noises>

Well, if it’s not too far ahead of your viewing, I noticed a nice geek in-joke in the episode airing last night (although I think it was a repeat from earlier this week).

Toots finds a “Legend of Xandir” cheat book in the attic, and reads aloud the first one:

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.

Yes, I laughed. Yes, I wondered why a cheat book with a Playstation controller attached to it would use “B” and “A” when those buttons don’t appear on that controller. And yes, I’m a geek.

The most recent episode had a newscaster who appeared to be a character from the short-lived animated show “Mission Hill,” a goat that appeared to be drawn by Gary Larson, and Bart and Lisa’s skeletons between the floors of the house.

actually, listing all the inside jokes is more tiring and boring than i thought, i may just let this thread die, or at least not cover every inside joke, maybe just the more obscure ones…

ahh, frak it, this thread’s a headache anyway, lets just let it evolve on it’s own…

anyone who wants to post their favorite inside jokes feel free, but i’m not doing the ep-by-ep breakdown unless my fellow Dopers really want me to…

The funny part for me is when my friend blurted out “CONTRA” after hearing the code. Still sticks with you after all these years :D.