Dream do come true- Rachael Ray inside!

Holy crap is all I have to say. The one with the strawberry…,

This was “delicious.” I like watching “30 Minute Meals.” These pictures just confirm why.

Kind of surprising, though. Didn’t really expect that out of her.

Yeah, surprises me too, but I’m not complaining.

I’m partial to the one with the her feet in the sink and the one where she’s putting the turkey in the oven. Since they give you a chance to see her legs, as well as show off that sexy smile of hers.

Never been a big fan of the “lad mags” before, I may have to pick this one up.




Now when will they get Nigella Lawson to pose for Maxim?

I dunno. This is the second time FHM has done this – take one of my imaginary girlfriends and have her parade around in her skivvies – and the result is still unsatisfying. (The first was Alyson Hannigan, and I have to say that Rachael Ray comes off a lot better than Willow did.) I guess I just like the implied stuff instead of the weird fantasies that FHM photographers seem to have.

The episode of $40 a Day that Ray did in Atlanta, where she’s eating barbecue and singing in a bar and giggling the whole time – that, to me, was a much bigger turn on than any of those pictures.

Its those 40 dollars a day shows, man she puts the chow away, drinks beer, has a great personality, goes to fun places and is very hot all at the same time. Oh, and she can cook too!

To me she is a thousand times hotter then any so called supermodel.

Hubba Hubba!

Off to see the picts. . .


#4. Definitely #4.

Bring her to my tent.