Dream experiments

I read that eating a banana, some cheese, and drinking a beer, all at once an hour before bedtime can give a person some funky dreams. After trying it several times I can say it does work quite a bit.

Does anyone know of any foods that can cause nightmares? Not that I’m into nightmares, but I am into dreams and I like to experiment. I’ve been thinking of putting hot chilli powder into gel capsuls and taking a few before bed. Any other ideas?

I would think that eating live spiders, live scorpions, and dead babies right before going to sleep would result in some pretty fucked up nightmares.

While it won’t cause nightmares, I have noticed that falling asleep right after a low-dose DXM experience or mid-dose opium experience can result in some very vivid dreams. I don’t usually remember my dreams, but any dreams I’ve had after said experiences have always stuck in my memory for a long time to come.

Nutmeg (in high amounts). Also, after drinking Kava.

A friend of mine reported extremely freaky dreams after an evening getting very drunk on Red Bull and vodka.