Why does spicy food give me strange dreams?

I’m looking for some real science here. There must be some research on this. If I eat really spicy, firey food, within, say, 5 hours of bed time, that night I’ll have the most screwed up, far out dreams. I’ve been keeping a dream log and charting this, and the only time I have these bizzaro dreams at night is if I have super spicy food for dinner. Even a good helping of jalapinos on a Subway sandwhich is enough.

Is there some chemical in spicy food that affects brain waves?
I’m not compalining or anything. Some of those strange dreams are a real hoot. I just wonder why hot food (especially Taco Bell fire sauce) makes me dream weird shit, when otherwise my dreams are dull.

Two theories:

(1) Some stimulants, including jalepenos, have been said to include psychostimulants; this would be enough to cause strange dreams (I always avoid chocolate before bedtime for this reason, though I think it’s something other than the caffeine that does it, because coffee and tea contain more and don’t affect my sleep nearly as much).

(2) It could be a case of reverse aromatherapy. I’m not accusing you of halitosis–it wouldn’t have to be very strong to affect your dreams. Try some mouthwash right before you head to bed and see if that helps.

This, of course, should read “Some spices…”