Dream Super-Groups!

How’s this for a band:

David Bowie - Lead Vocals
Eric Clapton - Lead Guitar
Jeff Beck - Rythm Guitar
Sting - Bass Guitar
Elton John - Keyboards
Phil Collins - Percussions

Lets call 'em THE BLOKES .

What super-groups would you like to see?

Okay, I’ll bite.

Rufus Wainwright on vocal duties, and handling keyboards and rhythm guitar occasionally.
Clarence Clemons, of course, on the sax-a-phone.
Rick Brennan (of Wheat) on guitar.
Scott Plouf (of the Spinanes) on drums.
Graham Maby (best known for Joe Jackson’s Look Sharp album and recent work with Natalie Merchant and They Might Be Giants) on bass

Producer: Pierre Marchand

Lead Vocals - Freddie Mercury (RIP)
Lead Guitar - Jimmy Page
Rhythm Guitar - Joe Walsh (switches off with Page now and then)
Bass Guitar - Geddy Lee
Keyboards - Dennis DeYoung
Drums - Ginger Baker
Sax - Junior Walker

Layne Staley: Vocals/Guitar
Chris Cornell: Vocals/Guitar
Mike McCready: Lead Guitar
Krist Novoselic: Bass
Jimmy Chamberlain: Drums

Lead Vox: Van Morrison
Guitar 1: Stevie Ray Vaughn
Guitar 2: Jerry Garcia
Bass: Les Claypool
Drums: Mitch Mitchell

Vocals: Roseanne Barr
Bass: The guy from Right Said Fred
Guitar: Boxcar Willie
Drums: AC/DC’s drummer. Or a casio. They’re about the same.
Clarient: My 9 year old cousin
Beatbox: Prince B from PMDawn
Breakdancers: Me and Stephen Hawking
Fly Girls: Janet Reno and Madeline Albright

Unfortunately, you would need to hold a seance, but:

Jimi Hendrix – electric guitar
James Jamerson – electric bass
John “Bonzo” Bonham – drums
Koko Taylor – lead vocals

Let’s see…

Green Lantern
The Hulk (grey)
Why are you all looking at me like that?

Grey Hulk? Oh, Please… :rolleyes:


Fingolfin’s Dream Band

Lead Singer #1- Prince (also on Guitar & Keyboards)
Lead Singer #2- Mick Jagger (also on Harp)
Guitar #1- Peter Buck (also on Mandolin)
Guitar #2- Pete Townshend (also on Keyboards)
Guitar #3- The Edge
Bass- Flea
Drums- Stewart Copeland
Keyboards/Programmer- Trent Reznor
Keyboards/Programmer- Moby
Now that would be a killer band! Live would be awesome!


Bob Mould (Lead Vocals and Guitar)
Pete Townshend (Rhythm Guitar and Backup Vocals)
Frank Black (More Rhythm Guitar)
Colin Moulding (XTC) (Bass)
John Entwistle (Stunt Bassist)
Jim Thirwell (Foetus, etc.) (Keyboards)
Stewart Copeland (Drums)

All lyrics by Frank Zappa and Tom Waits.

…and that weird, artsy bondage-mime who used to prance around in those old Howard Jones videos.

Guitar #1 - Jimi Hendrix
Guitar #2 - Jerry Garcia
Bass - Roger Waters
Drums #1: Jimmy Chamberlain
Drums #2: Stewart Copeland
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Vocals: Syd Barrett
Harmonica: Bob Dylan
Lyrics: Dylan
Introductions to the band by Bill Graham.
Opening Act: Frank Zappa

I tried to come up with something, but I couldn’t just decide on 2 of anything so here’s what I think would be perfect bands (only a couple listed).
Jerry Garcia (RIP)- Lead guitar/vocals
Bob Weir- Rhythm guitar/vocals
Phil Lesh- Bass/vocals
Pigpen (RIP)- Hammond B3/harmonica/percussion/vocals
Keith Godchaux (RIP)- Grand piano
Brent Mydland (RIP)- Fender Rhodes/vocals
Tom Constanten- Hammond B3 organ
Bruce Hornsby- piano
Bill Kreutzman- Drums
Mickey Hart- Drums
Donna Godchaux- Vocals

David Gilmour- Lead Guitar/vocals
Roger Waters- Bass/vocals
Rick Wright- Keyboards/vocals
Nick Mason- Drums

Eric Clapton- Guitar/vocals
Jack Bruce- Bass/vocals/harmonica
Ginger Baker- Drums/vocals

Paul McCartney- Bass/piano/vocals
George Harrison (RIP)- Lead guitar/vocals
John Lennon (RIP)- Rhythm guitar/vocals
Richard Starkey- Drums/vocals


Bass- Pino Palladino (I LOVE this guy)
Guitar - Mark Knopfler, Eddie Van Halen
Drums - Mitch Mitchell
Vocals- Brad Delp


Bass - Paul McCartney
Guitar - The Edge, Pete Townsend
Keys - Keith Green, Elton John
Drums - Lars Ulrich


Drums - Keith Moon
Bass - Les Claypool, John Entwistle
Guitar - Joe Satriani
Keys - Jerry Lee Lewis
Vocals - Ian Gillan

Cardinal, are you a bassist by chance?

Pino Palladino is the king. I love his bassline on Barely Breathing not to mention the Paul Young and all his other stuff.

Here’s my crazy-ass supergroup:

John Coltrane (RIP) - Tenor Sax
Jaco Pastorius (RIP) - Electric Bass I
Victor Wooten - Electric Bass II
Larry Carlton - Guitar
Omar Hakim - Drums
Special appearance by Bela Fleck

Non-stop bebop/fusion soloing. It’d be great! And vocals? We don’t need no stinking vocals! Although it would be cool to hear them backing up Paul Simon…


I came up with these on a similar thread on another message board a little while ago.

I got three bands here.

Lead Violin: Warren Ellis (Dirty Three)
Guitar: Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)
Guitar: Robert Poss (Band of Susans)
Bass/vocals: Susan Stenger (Band of Susans)
Drums: John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)
Vocals: Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane)
Vocals: David Thomas (Pere Ubu)

Effects and sample guitar, vocals: Ian Crause (Disco Inferno)
Violin, guitar: Luke Sutherland (Long Fin Killie, Bows)
Drums: Rob Whatley (Disco Inferno)
Santur: Hossein Farjami (Famous Iranian santur player)
Bass: Si John (Reprazent)
Guest vocalists: Leonard Cohen, Diamanda Galas and others
Overtone singing: Gennadi Tumat (Tuva Ensemble)
Backing close harmony vocals: Kirsi Kähkönen, Mari Kaasinen, Susan Aho, Johanna Virtanen (Värttinä)
Producers: Roni Size and Ian Crause

Guitar, fun keyboards: Jim O’Rourke
String arrangements: Sean O’Hagan (High Llamas), session musicians on strings for the moment.
Trumpet: Dizzy Gillespie
Melodica: Augustus Pablo
Rhythm section: Luzinho Eço, Adalberto Castilho, Halcio Milito (all Tamba Trio)
Vocals: Dionne Warwick, Dusty Springfield

All three bands oughta have one track produced by Brian Wilson. The Rock outfit oughta do a track with Natacha Atlas and Marc Almond singing a duet.

Vox: Rob Halford and Doro Pesch
Guitars: Jimi Hendrix and Tony Iommi (neither’s the best, but they’re both among my favorites).
Keyboards: Mozart
Violin: Nicolo Paganini
Bass: Steve Harris
Drums: Not a clue

band one:

piano/voice: nick cave
voice: jeff buckley
bass: adam clayton
drums: meg white
guitar: john frusciante

it would be brilliant. they’d play beautiful, sad soulful music with hard as fuck drums.

they’d be called the red hot white seeds 2
band two:

voice: jay kay (jamiroquai)
guitar/voice: pj harvey
mc: big boi (outkast)
mc: andre 3000 (outkast)
turntables: mixmaster mike
programming: beck
programming: the chemical brothers
programming: aphex twin
bass: ed o brien (radiohead)
human beatbox/sampler/dj: radioactive (spearhead)
drums: brian ferrysexual (machine gun fellatio)

even better than the red hot white seeds, funk star de-fux would be a glorious mish-mash of punk guitar, funk, hip-hop and bizarre electronica. drowning in their own cleverness, they would release one lp which would consist entirely of sampled jamming dropping in and out of static over wicked breakbeats and freestyle rhymes.
band three:

voice: phil jamieson (grinspoon)
voice: pinky beecroft (machine gun fellatio)
mc: licensed to ill era ad-rock (beastie boys)
guitar/voice: tom delonge (blink-182)
guitar: sid vicious (sex pistols)
bass: lex feltham (frenzal rhomb)
drums: trey parker

called sodomy sam, this band has one song in their repitoire: a cover of the rolling stone’s cocksucker blues. they broke up due to the fact that they only played one song and phil jamieson was incessantly drunk.

Paul McCartney: Guitar/Vocals
John Lennon: Guitar/Vocals
George Harrison: Guitar
Ringo Starr: Drums

(what’s that? really? when?)

By the way, are supergroups ever very sucessful? The Travelling Wilburies and the Highwaymen only had a hit apiece, despite having many of the all-time greats of their respective genres…

Mix and match:

Guitars: Steve Howe, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Robert Fripp, Steve Morse (and several others)
Bass: Chris Squire, John Entwistle, Tony Levin
Keyboards: Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson
Piano: Bruce Hornsby, Joe Jackson
Vocals: Jon Anderson, Freddy Mercury, Greg Lake
Drums: Carl Palmer, Neal Peart, Bill Bruford
Flute: Ian Anderson
Violin: Robby Steinhardt