Dreamcatcher: Most likely worst SK movie?

I thought, at the very least, the casting of Richard Dawson as the host in The Running Man gave it some redeeming value.

Maximum Overdrive, on the other hand, had none. King learned very quickly that a pen is best for his hand, the director’s reins don’t fit.

I think Dreamcatcher could make a decent film, but I’m not expecting one.

I liked The Running Man, I just think it should’ve been called something else because it had nothing to do with the book.

The movie took place in an undeground obstacle course full of traps and colorfully costumed murderers, sort of like Arcade’s Muderworld amusement park type thing.

In the book the show was just about making a run for it. You had people chasing you and there was a prize for calling in a tip that lead to the contestant’s capture. Much of the story took place in Boston.

I liked Dreamcatcher, but it was unpleasant to read, and I’m not sure I’d like to experience it again. If the movie is true to the book and done well, I imagine a lot of people will be given nightmares by it. One can really tell that King was going through a very rough time at the time he wrote it.

Were there two versions of Maximum Overdrive? I seem to remember something a while back about a remake (God knows why).

How about Creepshow? Utter cornball boredom… and wasn’t that Stephen King acting all by himself through one of the many separate sections.