"dreamcatcher" movie?

Leave it to Hollywood, there is no way a book written so badly could translate well on the silver screen, unless it has been completely re-written.

Steven King, do us a favor. How much money do you REALLY need? Please stop selling you books to movie agents. Crank out as many as you want on paper, but if your on-line venture wasnt a big enough clue for you I dont know what is. Stick to the written word, my brother! Be a one media man!

I read it this summer and there was absolutely nothing special about this book. It wasn’t terrible, but it was painfully average as far as story and character development go.
I saw about 20 second of the preview and knew it was Dreamcatcher…but I didn’t want to believe it was. It couldn’t be. How could they make a movie out of it? It’s just so uninteresting.
Who knows, though. Maybe this will be another contribution to the “movie is better than the book” threads.

Anyone care to save me the trouble of reading the book? Spoilers please. It looks like an alien shape-shifter crashes, the government comes in to find the alien (while trampling the freedom of the locals), and the alien kills a bunch of people. How does it end? Hopefully it’s better then “Chase it into a sewer and shoot it.” (like in that movie with the hot alien with breasts who just wants to mate - what was that called?). Anything else interesting happen in the book?

DaLovin’ Dj

That was Species.

I’m sincerely hoping that the movie is better than the book in this case. The book is hands-down one of King’s worst.

They could start by leaving out the “shit-weasels” pretty much altogether… it wouldn’t jurt the story even a little bit.

By the way, BuddhaDog, King generally speaking is very hands-off when it comes to films made of his books and stories. He usually doesn’t write the scripts himself, and rarely takes part in the production at all, other than the occasional cameo appearance. Other than his brief (and disastrous) foray into directing with Maximum Overdrive, he pretty much is a “one-media man.”

And that said, there have also been some excellent films made of King’s work, including The Shawshank Redemption, Carrie, Stand By Me, and Misery. His style is well-suited to film when a director pays attention. I’m not sure this will be one of those times, but we’ll see…

Or Lifeforce. :smiley:

dalovindj, I think you can safely skip this one. Think of The Tommyknockers, but with alien parasites who grow in human intestines and then chew their way out via the anus, killing the host. Oh, and a mad military general who wants to exterminate everything, of course.

Yes, it’s that stupid.

Do they stop them with a computer virus?

On the plus side, the movie will most likely be better than the book :smiley:

I agree with the book being ‘average’. I enjoyed the book ‘Hearts ? Antlantis’ though.


How did you know?

Actually - raw bacon figures in it, too.
The alien entity (sort of a virus) is about to escape from this remote location (in Maine?) through a host. Our hero chases it and wins in the end. IIRC it was not sewer, but the other end of the chain - reservoir.

I don’t recall too well. I purged the terrible experience from the cache.

Imaginatively named “Kurtz”, of course. I see by the IMDB that it’s changed to “Curtiss” in the movie. I wonder if all the references to “Ripley” will be expurgated, too. (I see that “Jonesey” remains intact.)

They obviously made it into a movie because the slow-motion car chase that takes up the second half of the book just begged for a cinematic interpretation.

Anywho – question about the book – spoilers ahead.

Was Jonesy possessed by the alien or not? In the last chapter, King makes it seem like there was no “alien consciousness” – Jones’ own evil nature was brought out by a non-sentient fungus or something. If someone could explain this to me, I’d appreciate it.

King is never at his best with aliens.

I’m interested in a few spoilers as well. The preview makes it look a lot like a Thing knock off to me. Snow, small group of men stuck in a cabin, shape shifting alien…question, though. The trailer says it’s a shape shifter, but from what I’ve read above, they’re “shit weasles”? Parasites of sorts. Is the “shape shifter” comment supposed to simply indicate “It hides in people,” or is it possible it’s a huge rewrite? (I’m hoping the latter, because in the trailer there’s a shot of one guy looking horrified as something seemingly grows incredibly large in front of him…that’d be one BIG shit weasle).

The trailer looks better than the book and that’s not saying much.
It will be interesting to see how they play out the whole bathroom “shit weasel” scene though.

The book was good, very creepy, until about halfway through.

My opinion? Won’t somebody stop the farting!

I didn’t read the book, but it got pretty bad reviews. Sometimes King is really on the mark, but my experience with The Tommyknockers and some of his short stories indicates that Stephen. King. Cannot. Write. Science Fiction.

This movie does have a good director, Lawrence Kasdan, who’s done a lot of good movies, going back to Body Heat. And the screenplay’s by William Goldman, so maybe it’s been pared down and reworked into a good movie. (Although Goldman has certainly shown the ability to suck in the past.)

They made a movie about Scott Thompson’s dreamcatcher?! I didn’t see the listing at the Castro theater!

Explanation of joke:

In ST’s one man show, he calls the sock he masturbates into his “dreamcatcher,” so as to be more mainstream. That was the first time I ever heard the term.

What is up with the killer squirrels?

Okay, so I went to Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors last summer in Pasadena, and they had a ‘teaser’ which was about 15 minutes of footage from the movie. However it was all disjointed of course (so you go see the movie to see why all this wierd shit is happening). 2 Bizarre things that were in the teaser-

  1. Killer squirrels. Seriously…Guy gets mauled by a squirrel or something, its straight out of the killer rabit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Later ppl are gettin chased by killer squirrels. They shut themselves in a cabin and you can hear the squirrels outside chittering and banging on the door. Those must be some strong squirrels because the door is going BANG BANG BANG :eek:

  2. People crapping their guts out…Is this that alien parasite?

  1. Yes.

  2. Sounds like the alien parasite as well, unless they were clearly squirrels. If they were I don’t know WHERE that came from.

I can imagine herds (?) of mutant squirrels coming from a brainstorming session in which folks decided that the bit with the exodus of terrified forest critters wasn’t “meaty” enough without tweaking. “Not scary enough!” “Think mutated!” “And aggressive!”

Don’t forget The Shining and The Green Mile.