Dreamcatcher: Most likely worst SK movie?

Yes, I attempted to read that sh** novel, several times.
So, what do you guys think? It would be a miracle if they could actually make a good movie out of it.
The book itself is a testament of King needing an editor with some balls, willing to excise some material or just plain tell him when his book is a “Steaming pile of Sh**” etc.
Actually, I think you could say that of his books, which are usally hit or miss.

Nope. See: Maximum Overdrive.

At the risk of being stoned, I loved the book (I love almost everything King writes )
I am looking forward to seeing the movie (although I admit most of the movies are disapointing after reading the book)
I guess I am just a loyal King fan :smiley:

Clearly, the worst Stephen King-inspired movies were Lawnmower Man 1&2. Number three wasThe Running Man. *Maximum Overdrive * was far better than any of those.

<Possible mild spoiler>

I’m still trying to figure out how they’re going to indicate the aliens’ method of exiting the human body.

I like a lot of Stephen King, but I hated that book. The ick factor outweighed everything else in it for me.

Clearly no one here has seen “Sometimes they Come Back…”. It also depends whether you count its sequel or the Children of the Corn sequels. Needful Things, while not as objectively awful as some of his films, completely got the premise wrong, and it’s one of my top 5 Stephen King novels, so it gets a bit more rancor from me.

I thought Dreamcatcher really had promise as a great SK book, but he ruined it by going into WAAAAAAAAYYY too much detail about the Jonesy possessed by an alien bit. There is nothing wrong with that story element, but when SK started going into detail about Jonesy hiding his memories from Mr. Gray by moving boxes around in his virtual brain, that just got way too silly. And the whole drama about Mr. Gray breaking into Jonesy’s safe place… its just too much virtual nonsense for me to swallow.

The overall story, though, especially the first third of the book, was excellent, and I think it might actually make a decent movie if they can do it right and ditch all that virtual brain nonsense.

Have any of you seen Christine? I think it makes Maximum Overdrive look like Citizen Kane.

That said, yes, Dreamcatcher is going to really, really suck. It’s too bad, 'cause I like to see that actor from Band of Brothers (Damien somthing or something Damien) getting work.

I guess everyone has their pick of the worst SK film so far, mine being Salem’s Lot. There’s the question of how much you can change or leave out and still have it be a SK film. Lawnmower Man had nothing other than the title in common with the book, The Running Man had a faint resemblance, and Carrie was pretty true to the novel.

I think Dreamcatcher might turn out to be an OK film, if they use only the bare skeleton of the book for a plot. From the previews, it looks like it’s basically going to be The Thing transplanted to rural Maine. An alien that can assume other forms trying to make it into the general population while the good guys try to kill it before it can get out or kill them. I think if they stick with that and leave out all the mental virtual imagery and flashbacks from the book, the film could be a good thriller.

Did we forget the horror of The Langolears, The Night Flier, IT, Sleepwalkers, The Tommyknockers…etc?
If Dreamcatcher is going to be his worst movie, it’s going to have some competition.

I’ve never read Dreamcatcher, but the movie is directed by Lawrence Kasdan, who’s had the Midas touch for decades. Maybe he’ll spin straw into gold (to mix metaphors slightly).

I cannot believe you all. There are worse Stephen King movies than Maximum Overdrive?!?!?!?!?!

Holy howling shit, I’m glad I missed most of them (I did see part of Salem’s Lot and, while I thought it was better than Maximum Overdrive, it was still a big steaming pile of fecal matter.

In SK’s defense, I’m gonna mention The Shawshank Redemption.

Actually, I thought It was a pretty good miniseries, mayybe a little compacted but that’s gonna happen with a 1400 page book. The problem was, they had most of the really cool and scary stuff in the first part, but they didn’t do much interesting except kill It in the sond part.

Man, all a’y’all need to get out more.

The award for worst movie based on something Stephen King wrote is split in a tie: Graveyard Shift and The Mangler.

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Hey… I liked The Running Man. I mean, its no great Masterpiece. But its good popcorn entertainment. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna come to Kings defense a bit and pur forth Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption, The Shining, The Green Mile.

His novels can be made well, but they need competant people behind the helm.

What about all the sequels? Sure they aren’t directly based on a Stephen King book/story, but . . .

There’s like six Children of the Corn sequels, two or three for Sometimes They Come Back, Pet Semetary 2, The Mangler 2.

Plus Lawnmower Man and The Running Man are the ultimate examples of capitalizing on the King name. The movies have nothing to do with what they’re based on , they just wanted to be able to put “Based on the novel/story by Stephen King” in the ads.

All that said, the worst Stephen King moviein my opinion was Sleepwalkers, for which he wrote the original screenplay. It stunk. But then, I’d probably say that about any movie in which a man is impaled with corn on the cob.

I also thought Thinner was pretty awful.

Hearts in Atlantis was boring, and turning the “low men” into Feds made the already fairly ridiculous crap about the missing pet signs totally ridiculous.

I also liked The Dead Zone, Firestarter, Pet Semetary, Apt Pupil and Carrie. Also, though they’re by no means great, I also think Cujo and Christine are among the better King adaptions.

I am a King fan. At the same time some of his books seem to me to be really hard to make into movies.

As far as Dreamcatcher goes I really don’t know how that film will come out. There are certain parts of the book that would be really hard to film and just get an R rating (Shitweasels) while keeping true to the book.

I think that some of Kings work translates well to the movie format but some are just better as stories.

I’d love to see “From a Buick 8” made into a movie. “The Talisman” would also make a great movie.

As far as “The Running Man” goes it was a great movie but had very little to do with the story King wrote.

I think that King’s stories translate the best to movies when the stories are closer to reality. I’d love to see the "Dark Tower’ series put on film but I think it would tak a great director.

Slee, not a movie critic

True. I think the original novel could make a great movie, especially in this age of “Reality Television” but it’ll probably never happen, at least not without changing the ending.

Somehow, I don’t think a plane crashing into a building would go over too well even though the book’s like 20+ years old.