Dreaming Void/Temporal Void...Anyone Read Them?

I read Dreaming Void several months ago, and now I’m finishing up Temporal Void, both books by Peter F Hamilton.

I’ve never read anything else by him, but I plan to check out some of his other stuff.

Temporal Void is just so freaking GOOD! I love this guy’s sci-fi! So many made-up words, a believable cast and setting, awesome fictional technology, stories within stories…man, I love this stuff!

Any other fans?

I haven’t read any of this recent trilogy (I prefer to wait until they’re all published so I can read them all at once), but I have read an enjoyed The Night’s Dawn trlogy, Fallen Dragon, and the Commonwealth Saga. Long, fun space operas. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s something I’m often in the mood for.

As I understand it, the Night’s Dawn duo are the prequels to the Dream trilogy, and share some characters that by the time of the Dream texts, are quite old, like Paula Myo and Justine, etc.

I plan on picking up Pandora’s Star next.