Dresden Files 28 Jan 07

We’ll see if there is enough interest for a weekly thread.

Last week, I thought “I’ll give this show a shot”. This week’s ep had me thoroughly engaged. I’m in! The local library doesn’t have any of the books, but I have some credit at Border’s. Anybody want to recommend a book? I’ll probably go with the first.

So, anyway, how did Harry get the power of the tablet into himself? Did I miss a scene?

I meant to add this: if asked to describe this show, I would say “Harry Potter grows up and lives in a much darker, malevolent and adult world”.

I read the first book a couple of weeks ago. It’s entertaining. It’s called Storm Front.

I thought this episode was quite a bit stronger than last week’s. Paul Blackthorne is definitely easy on the eyes, and I still say Bob looks like Hugh Laurie.

Edited: Harry Potter grows up and turns halfway into Thomas Magnum. :smiley:

You very much want to read the Dresden Files books in order. They build on each other, with characters coming and going and changing throughout the series. There are some really dark events in the series, much more than the 2 episodes shown so far. I don’t think that they will be able to show some of the stuff from the books, some because of complexity (How do you explain the politics of the Winter and Summer Fairy courts in an hour?) other things because of the depravity of the situation.

It is a really good series. If I didn’t have everything boxed for moving, I would reread them right now to compare with the changes in the show.

Definately start with Storm Front, it gives a lot of the backstory that you’ll need for the later books (book 7 is being released in paperback on the 8th of February).

For a taste of the writing here is a short story based on the series.

Weird. I have my DVR set to record but it didn’t. I checked the timers and the guide and there’s nothing. As far as my DVR is concerned, the show didn’t air tonight. I searched the guide for next week and apparently there’s an episode airing on Tuesday at 8:05. Rechecked my timers and still nothing. My DVR refuses to see this show. I wonder if it’s Sci-fi channel’s fault or Dishnetwork’s fault or what.

Alas, due to my viewing habits, I’ll always be late in discussions. I won’t see this one until next week.

But as far as recommending a book, I say go in sequence. The first one is good and even though each book is contained, there is a history to them.

He hid the tablet under his shirt… the way to undo the power was to put your hand back on the tablet

I thought the first episode was ok, but nothing special. I liked the characters and the setup, but thought too much was squeezed into an hour episode. This week was much better, not fantastic but worth watching again.

During the week I read the first book in the series. I didn’t think much of the first couple chapters, but it quickly improved, it was a pretty good read. I noticed that he used magic much more in the book than in the show.

I’ve been reading Kim Harrison’s series which reminded me somewhat of the Dresden books. (Dead Witch Walking, etc) however the melodrama between the characters got a bit much for me in the last book. The Dresden books seem a bit more hard-boiled.

Looks more like Billy Bob Thornton’s younger brother to me.

I’ll second that. I thought the first episode was meh, but I really enjoyed last night’s episode. I didn’t even know there were books, but maybe I’ll go get one or two of them. I get the feeling I’m missing a lot of backstory. I’m unemployed, I have time to read.

Sounds promising. I like the Harrison books, but you are right about the angst in the last book. And, of course, the Anita Blake books have been utterly polluted by the character’s tedious and/or infuriating relationships. ‘Hard boiled’ sounds like a pleasant change.

I haven’t seen the second ep of the TV series yet – I DVRed it, but started watched a DVR of Out of Africa and that didn’t end until too late to watch The Dresden Files. I quite liked the first ep, though… I’m going to the book store today and will also pick up the first book in the series.

Comment on spoiler:
I thought that was really, really sharp. :slight_smile:

I’m glad everyone likes it, and I agree that last night’s episode was a little better, but I’m still disappointed that they’re not really showing off Harry’s magic. He might as well be Fox Mulder - aware of the supernatural world but with no real powers himself.

I mean, bouncing bullets off his shield bracelet? That would have been a perfect opportunity for a special effect showing Harry using his magic to shield himself.

But as it turned out, it was instead a perfect opportunity for me to sing the Wonder Woman theme song. :slight_smile:

add me the list that thought the first ep needed work, but found the second much better. the dive master agreed as well.

i’m interested enough that i’ve ordered the books to read from my library’s intraloan program.

That’s a bit of the impression I’m getting – X-Files, but one in which the protagonist actually solves the case once in a while.

It is true that Harry isn’t doing much magic. That could either because they don’t want to turn the show into another Charmed clone, or because their special effects budget is pretty low.

OR because they’re letting it build to it… he was warned by Bob not to do the dark stuff… too much magic too quick, and it becomes cliched and tired as quick (every week, a new baddy and a super spell to counteract it)… I kinda like it that he has to work at it.

I’d like to point out that Bob sounds an awful lot like the actor who portrayed Niles on The Nanny. Damn, I forgot both actor’s names! I’m turning into my mom!

Oh well, you all know who I mean. :smack:

OK. I enjoyed this one. A much stronger showing. But it is clear that they are showing them out of order. (At least it is clear to me.) Last week Murphy knew about Dresden’s abilities. This week, she did not.

I think it will be a solid series, once they get the background out of the way.

(Murphy is hot and vaguely reminds me of Carla Gugino, who I have a thing for in a big way (not to be confused with having a big thing for))