Dress Everyone in Black! All the Time!! (i.e. makeovers are dumb)

Oprah yesterday was all about looking younger, and they did a makeover.

Took this woman with hairsprayed Farrah-hair, blue eyeshadow, big accessories, and a floral print outfit that could be seen from the space shuttle, and:

  • Fixed her hair (it now moves in the wind)
  • Toned down her makeup
  • Confiscated the accessories

Now you can actually SEE her face

But…that Michele Michelle woman (who never COULD act on ER) dressed her all in black! It was Donna Karan black, but still — black! black black black!!! Head to toe!

Took away her gaudy florals & sent her into mourning! Meanies.

These “fashion police” just want everyone to look exactly the same! I usually like the Before better than the After. At least it’s interesting!

Anybody else?

It depends. If the person looked like a fruit salad threw up on her, then I have to say I’d rather see her in black. I didn’t watch, but I’m guessing in this case they were trying to play up her features, which were hidden behind gaudy clothes, big hair, and garish make-up. They were probably trying to show her that you don’t need to look loud to get people’s attention. You can do it by being understated and just looking great.
On the other hand, I don’t think she should be made to think she needs to dress all in black or to cut color from her wardrobe altogether. She probably just needs to learn how to tone it down a bit, by pairing a funky top with a plain skirt, for example, or choosing one fun accessory per outfit rather than half a dozen.
Upon re-reading: I watch too much “What Not to Wear.”

Hey, if it’s good enough for Johnny Cash, it oughta be good enough for her!


Hah! My tasteful print shirts can be seen from Alpha Centauri!

But I do wear black a fair bit, too- it hides food stains so much better than lighter colors do.

I think it depends a great deal on who’s doing the makeover and why. If it’s a special occasion makepver - Oprah show, reunion, proposal etc, then basic black is guaranteed to make anyone look better. If it’s a “re-wardrobe” makeover a la What Not To Wear, then there better be some variety and attention paid to choosing clothes the person will actually like and wear. I think WNTW generally does a pretty good job of maintaining the individual’s personality and style while fixing some gawdawful fashion choices. I’ve heard more than one [del]victim[/del] guest of WNTW say something like, “this is actually the look I was going for, but didn’t know how to achieve before!”

It was a “special occasion” thing, but still, I thought it was too dramatic a change - they should’ve taught her how to incorporate some splashy colors into a more…um…sedate look?

She did look like a fruit salad exploded on her before, but it seemed to suit her.

Just going to all-black, that’s too easy.

I’m always annoyed when I see makeover shows that start with a guy whose hair is more than three inches long. No matter what kind of long pretty mane he starts out with, they’re going to hack it off and crow about getting rid of all that shaggy mess.

Leave those long-haired boys alone!

It’s not just the guys; makeover people seem to be morally opposed to any woman having hair past her shoulders, as well. That would be a deal-breaker for me; the first SOB that comes near me with a pair of shears in his hand is going down.

Ditto. My hair stays waist length or they die. I am not getting a ‘cute little bob’ or a fun layered look. Nope.