Dress Me for Europe - A Clothes/Shoes Thread.

I’m a child of the tropics. India, SE Asia. Hot, sweaty and humid describes every city I’ve ever lived in. My casualwear wardrobe is all cottons and other light, breathable fabrics. I have no sweaters and only one mangy jacket that I don’t like anyway. I’m AWFUL at layering.

And now I’m off holidaying in Europe for a few weeks this month. Mainly London, Paris and surrounding areas. And it’s COLD. (Screw you guys who think 7° is not cold. I’ll chatter my teeth in your general direction.)

What the hell do I buy? Help me put together a few coordinated outfits please. Comfortable enough to do touristy stuff in but, you know, stuff I can put layers on and off without looking daft. I want to look GOOD in the photos, dammit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you guys please link to clothes you think might work together? And what do I layer with what? Imagine a woman with a pretty decent figure.

Also, someone convince me that it’s okay to spend $300 on boots I can’t use here because I’ll melt in them. But I can use them on my holiday, can’t I? CAN’T I?

(shhh…I know all about breaking in shoes and not buying new shoes before a holiday and all that… convince me anyway!)

Buy the boots in Europe instead? You know, once you’ve seen whether it’s pouring or not.

Cotton is wonderful for layering in. Layering isn’t “the onion look,” when done properly it involves covering parts that you normally wouldn’t. You need an outer layer which is large enough to be worn on top of a jumper or sweater; get shoes or boots that you can wear with socks, and which are good for walking in. Get both light socks and heavier ones (they can be all-cotton, mine are), so you can regulate your footwear without needing to cart a shoe store around. Get a hat and a scarf (silk scarves are the best in terms of warmth for weight, cotton again is good).

I have the fashion sense of a dead snail, but these fellows wouldn’t be the largest department store in Spain if people didn’t like what they carry. More Spanish style, and yet some more. My very-stylish sister in law loves all three.

For me, I have two basic cardigans that are awesome for layering. They go with almost anything and that extra layer makes a lot of difference in cold weather. Plus if you go indoors and it gets hot, you can just take it off. This season the fashion seems to be long cardigans like these. (You’ll want a light jacket to wear over it though.)

If you like to be fashionable, tights make it possible to wear skirts without freezing your ass off. Scarves are also fashionable, warm, and easy to take off if the weather warms up.

I’ve been in the UK in March and you won’t need boots. Sneakers (or any decent shoe) and socks worked fine for me.

I’d suggest just spending a day at H&M when you get to London.