Winter boots- help!

I’m nearing closer to my Chicago trip that I had a previous thread about. My tanned California butt finally got around to buying an appropriate winter coat (I’ve literally never purchased a winter coat before), but my next problem is the whole shoe thing.

I really don’t want to spend oodles of money on boots, as I’ll only be in Chicago for four days. I may go up to the mountains here in CA over the winter, but not enough for me to justify spending millions on a pair of snow boots.

So, I need your help. I’m still a vain 20 year old, so I don’t want totally ugly boots, but I will certainly sacrifice attractiveness for keeping my toes. My new coat is brown (this one, actually), so ideally the boots would be something that I could coordinate with that jacket.

One type people keep suggesting to me is Uggs. Now, unlike most, I’m not totally anti- Ugg. I know they are ugly (that’s like, almost a pun) and totally “out”, but I’ll be damned if those things aren’t tremendously comfortable. I can even wear them throughout the spring here and even summer, as the insulation works well in both cold and warm. That said, do they leak?

Anywho, any suggestions are totally welcome and appreciated.

Go to - and look for a pair of NEOS overboots. You wear your regular shoes (unless you’re into highheels) and slip the overboots on. Very warm, quick and not all that expensive.

You may not need boots. Unless there’s going to be oodles of snow – and you’ll be the one shoveling it – you can get by with a fairly sturdy pair of shoes. (Once the walks are shoveled, I don’t usually bother with boots.)

But I’m from California and am usually bundled up like you wouldn’t believe when it hits 50 outside. I’m lame, I know.

Plus, I own like 3 pairs of tennis shoes and then 50 pairs of heels, strappy heels, flip flops, sandals, etc. No boots. I figure I’ll need to at least moderately invest in some warmer, sturdier shoes for this trip, so it may as well be some sort of boot.

Your going to wear them with pants mostly? In or out of your pants?

Well, it may not help at all, but here’s what I wear :
They’re non-slip, insulated, and waterproof. I have them in black, they also come in Chocolate and Natural. They look totally normal with pants, so I can wear them to work all day.

For in the city tromping around, a thick pair of socks and tennis shoes can work just fine. Once the sidewalks are shoveled there’s no need for taller footwear, and unless it’s really cold I find tennis shoes and thick socks offer enough protection.

As for the Uggs I’m sure they’d work just fine for city winters also, just make sure you buy a spray seal amd spray the heck out of your boots. It’ll keep them from getting salt damaged, and as long as you’re not jumping in slush puddles they shouldn’t leak.

Yeah, I’m not sure what my family has planned for me, but I’m mostly looking for a pair of “every day” boots to wear while shopping and such. In or Out? I have no idea. Whatever I am supposed to/ need to do, I reckon. I am a bit hippy, so I can’t imagine tucked pants being a good look on me.

I am also getting a pair of calf-knee boots that are slightly dressier so I have something to wear when we go out. That is an easier thing though, as we wont be outside much and I just need regular boots.

I’ll look around!! I have a shoe obsession.

Not my cup of tea, but my niece is about your age and she recently got these. I’d probably break my neck.

Look for a Blondo dealer in your area. Durable, simple, and non-slip soles. My wife literally walked the soles off of hers before buying another pair yesterday.

Or how about a nice pair of hiking boots, worn with thick wool or fleece socks? You may get more use out of them after your trip, maybe with thick cotton socks. I see nice Timberland hiking boots all the time at discount stores (JMaxx, Marshalls, DSW Shoe Warehouse) all the time at quite reasonable prices. For that matter, here’s a nice discount coupon for you. I’m also fond of various other brands of hiking-style boots (Ecco, Rockport, etc.), and my sister is very fond of her Clarks.

They may not be as trendy as you are accustomed to, but have you considered Payless?

I’ve worn my uggs in light snow, but I would not do it in slushy show. For that I have a pair of boots called Emu which have thicker soles and are way cheaper than Uggs but look similar.

Ok, I just re-read your thread after looking for boots and I realize your only going to wear them for about a week so I’m sure you don’t want to spend a lot.

Honestly, if that’s the case I’d go for the Ugs or even some knock- offs. They’re warm and if your doing a lot of walking in the city they’re comfortable.

Here’s the boots I found -money’s no object. I’ll look around for less expensive boots.

La Canadienne are supposed to be really nice boots and warm. They’re pricey but they have lots of styles.

Puma also makes some really nice casual snowboots. I’m older than you so I’m sure we have different taste but I don’t think you can ever beat a pair of classic style riding boots. I’ve had some for years and you can wear them with anything. They never go out of style and they fold easily to travel. I have a pair similiar to this in brown but I want to get black.
Too expensive, but the second boots would look good with your coat. (I love the third one down in tan).

These would look good with your coat too.<>prd_id=845524441792787&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302023800&ASSORTMENT<>ast_id=1408474395181057&GCID=C13155x001&extid=shopzilla

Are Ugs waterproof? Or water resistant? (I really have no clue)

I live in Cleveland where the weather is pretty much on par with Chicago. I generally don’t wear boots, shoes are enough. But at some point you will be stepping in slush - whether crossing the street or getting out of the car or just on mis-shoveled walks. There is nothing worse than walking around in cold, wet shoes and socks.

Conversely, if you are going to be doing a lot of shopping, there is nothing worse than being stuck in the mall for 6 hours with hot, sweaty feet because you dressed for a 10-mile hike in the snow instead of a warm romp around the mall and now your tootsies are frying in your wool socks and hiking boots.

I don’t have any suggestions - only the above warnings - because even though I’ve lived my entire life in this climate I am constantly ill-prepared, footwear-wise.

That’s why I suggested NEOS overboots. They slip on and off over your regular shoes, and are about as warm as “sno-mobile” boots (that is, damn warm) and use velcro fasteners. No muss, no fuss.

I’m a guy, and very casual dresser. I also live in the snow for at least 6 months out of the year.

If it’s not deep, and just packed snow, I get along just fine in running shoes. If it has snowed recently, I usually just throw on a pair of lightweight hikers. If It’s real deep, and I’m going to be out in if for a while, I’ll throw on my gators too.

I think your over thinking it. In the four days you are in Chicago, it is unlikely you are going to run into a blizzard. If you do, I don’t suppose you will be doing any shopping.

If you are worried, I would recommend a pair of SmartWool Socks. Best I have ever owned.

I have a pair of Uggs that are hard leather - not suede, sheepskin inside - doesn’t look like they make them anymore. And a pair of Sorels. But I think (native Minnesotan) that your best bet is to get a pair of thick socks and a pair of hiking boots - no need to waste money. Its been 50 degrees in Minnesota this week - the neighbor was out paying ball with his kid without a jacket. Hiking boots and socks will get you through fine - and still be wearable in California.

Just so’s you know, we were in the mid 50’s yesterday, and today promises more of the same. It’s possible, although not terribly likely, that it might be a lot milder than you expect. The lesson: bring layers. a mock turtleneck can be worn under a sweater if it’s 35, and alone if it’s 55. Under a jacket, of course - but if you’re shopping in a turtleneck, sweater, heavy winter coat, etc, you’ll pass out when you’re inside.

The most important articles, IMHO, are socks (part wool is nice), a hat and a pair of warm, not decorative, gloves. As long as I have those, I wear mules (I know, way out of fashion, I’m not suggesting you’d do such a thing) and the same single layer gabardine jacket year 'round.

So basically, what kind of boots you get is sort of irrelevant, so get whatever you’ll wear again in your normal life, whether it be hiking or cute.