Drew Carey Live on 11/10 in the Central Zone

A few weeks ago I asked if there was anyone living in the Central Time Zone that could record the Drew Carey Show that’s going to be on Wednesday, Nov. 10. Well, it’s coming on tomorrow and I don’t have the e-mail from the person who said they could tape it for me (I can tape the East & West Coast version on my satellite dish). If you can read this, e-mail me.

Yeah I’ll tape it for you. Send me an e-mail at rastahomie@hotmail.com with your snail-mail address and I’ll send you a tape. Of course, I’ll expect $3.60 for S&H.

Pardon me for asking, Trumpy, but why are you obsessed with taping each of the live versions Drew Carey show?

Oops, I forgot to proof read again. The above should be “of the Drew Carey show.”

To PatrickM: it’s called being anal. I’ve taped every other episode of this show, so I MUST tape these variations. Taping is a hobby of mine and when I pick up on a show I like, I tape EVERY episode credit-to-credit.
So there :slight_smile: !

It’s taped. Send an e-mail to rastahomie@hotmail.com and with your snail-mail address and I’ll put it in the mail tomorrow.