Dried Blood Caused Skin Problem

I got some dried blood on the palm of my hand that I forgot to wash off right away, and ever since, there is a dry patch of skin that was smooth before it contacted the dried blood. I am using hydro-cortisone and beeswax/aloe daily to try to clear it up, but the dry patch has not gone away so far and a small crack has also started in the middle of the dry patch. What else can I do? I have not seen a dermatologist yet. I do not understand how dried blood from my own body could have caused this problem that doesn’t clear up. Does anyone know how this could happen? Apparently people actually use blood for facials and skin products infused with blood these days to make skin look younger. So why would a little bit of dried blood in the palm of my hand cause this problem? Thank you for your replies.

How long ago did this happen, and how were you injured? If it’s been more than a couple of days, see a doctor.

We do have some doctors here; it looks like you’re a new member.

It was three months ago when I first noticed the dry patch in my palm. Yes, I am a new member.

The blood was from a nosebleed, not an actual injury.

That’s just freaky. Maybe you’re allergic to all the product you’re applying. Leave the gunk off a few days.
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I’d bet the dried blood was just coincidentally in the same area as the dry skin and that they aren’t related, maybe you just noticed it because you were paying more attention to the area.

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I’m going to agree with pool and say you probably just happened to notice already-dry skin because the blood was there. Stop with the hydrocortisone - that’s probably drying it out worse - and rather than beeswax or aloe you may want to go with a nice gentle moisturizing lotion. If you can, once you’re all lotioned up, wear a clean cotton glove - you can generally get “spa gloves” and the like in any decent health and beauty section - over that hand so the lotion can soak in and isn’t being rubbed off on everything by normal hand usage.

If you still want to see a dermatologist, go ahead, but I reckon you’ll be alright.

what about those colloidal patches? I use the tiny ones on scabby sots to protect them from picking and random exposure to bacteria or random schmutz.

I also agree that the blood was likely just coincidental to the dry patch. My first instinct would be a nerve issue or eczema. If it’s been there 3 months, see the dermatologist.

If you’re still confident with the idea of self-treating, can I recommend O’Keefe’s Skin Repair cream? I had a skin condition on my elbow where it was cracked and dry - and the cracking and dryness just seemed to cause more of the same. Troubled me for years - cleared up in a couple of weeks after applying O’Keefe’s twice a day.

(They’re not paying me to say this, I promise)