Removing dried blood from skin

After surgery I have some dried blood on my nose that won’t come off with water. Its kinda tender so I have to go easy on it. Is there any sort of solution that would take it off relatively easily?


Deleted, not sure what is and isn’t medical advice.

How about hydrogen peroxide?

Try prolonged exposure to water: lay a hot wet towel over the area for a few minutes.

Is this at the incision site or blood that dribbled to somewhere else? If this is not at the incision you can spread petroleum jelly on it wait a few minutes and it should wipe right off. The other good one is hydrogen peroxide. You might still have to scrub at it a bit but not as much as if you just use water.

Is this directly on the wound, or dripped from elsewhere? If the former, don’t try to remove it: The scab is the first step of the healing process.

Thanks everyone. I wasn’t wondering about the incision area, but some blood had dripped down the side of my nose and under the tip. Petroleum jelly got it right off.

When I had a bad cut boo-boo (ie home fixed) I was annoyed/worried about removing the dried blood and the cotton remains stuck to --over-- the wound; It was a pain in the neck, but I didn’t want to re-rip open the wound. A doctor friend told me simply to place it in warm water. I can play the piano again (if I could).