Dried Urine

Besides glucose, is there anything in urine that becomes sticky when it dries? I have tried using diabetic test strips three days in a row and all were negative for glucose. There was not even a trace. Any help appreciated.

Not being a diabetic myself, I’m not sure what you’re checking for in the first place. But to move towards answering your question, cowper’s glands secretions, semen & mucous could all turn up in urine & be sticky feeling.

A search for “sticky urine” at Onhealth.com turned up 402 results.

Now I have a question for you. Why would a diabetic wait three days for a potentially life threatening problem and then turn to a message board for answers? Or is this all hypothetical?

I am currently on diabetic medication and have been for the past week. I have a family history of diabetitis. The way that I discovered that I had high blood sugar as the result of some very frightening nosebleeds over the past ten days. Last Friday I had the worst of several bleeds that put me in the emergency room. While there blood and urine samples were taken. At that point, my blood sugar was 400. I was placed on medication at that point. This last Monday I had a battery of blood tests and they were evaluated today. My blood sugar was over 200 after being on BP medicaton for three days. Since last Friday I have used three test strips to check my urine and they all came back totally negative. I certainly did not wait to hear back from a message board to get some help with the problem. If the test strips show negative why is does my urine become sticky after it dries. Is it possible that my panic at my bleeding nose lead to hypertension and high blood sugar? I have probably told you more than you want to know, but I thought that you deserved an answer. I you have any other questions send me an email.