Consistency and texture of dried urine

Mmmkay, so last night I was over at a friend’s house and got fairly drunk. He had, uh, taken a lot of money from me at poker, and I wasn’t real happy. I left to walk home. As I walked right past his car, I noticed a major swelling in my bladder.

I think we all know what happened next.

Unfortunately my aim was much better than my poker game, and I thoroughly nailed the car door handle. My question is, how noticeable do you think the dried urine would be eight hours later? I feel rather like a royal shit, and I’m seriously hoping that it didn’t leave a sticky mess, and that he wont put two and two together to get my drunk ass peeing on his car. It rained this afternoon, so I think anything left is gone now.

Anyone have any idea/ direct experience in this area?

Unless you are consistantly a better aim than I am, the the toilet rim seems to be a place where you can find the answer.

Have to say that I always clean it without touching it with my bare hands, so you’re on your own.