Dried vs. canned peppers - how to substitute?

I am using a recipe tomorrow that calls for 1 dried chipotle and 1 canned chipotle (in adobo sauce). The market did not have the dried chipotle, so I figure I can substitute with more of the canned. I was curious about what the substitution ratio should be - 1 to 1? I wasn’t sure how the flavors/intensity of the two compared and if I should just double the amount of canned, use more/less, etc.

Advice is welcome - thanks in advance!

I would just do 1:1 or substitute with another type of dried Mexican pepper for variety (like an ancho). You shouldn’t go wrong either way.

Canned chipotles in adobo can be quite spicy, depending on what you’re making I’d be careful about doubling - be sure to taste as you go along…

Always important advice for any type of cooking, and something people seem to forget. I’m wondering what kind of recipe it is calling for both dried and canned chipotles. I’d probably sub with an ancho (or half an ancho), to keep that dried pepper element in it, and ancho peppers, while not smoked, are fairly fruity and mild and won’t upset the heat balance.

Thanks! It’s for a soup (poblano corn chowder), which makes tasting a bit more difficult because the peppers are added fairly early in the process, and the cheese and cream added at the end lessens the heat. Yes, the adobo sauce is spicy - I guess I could rinse the second chipotle. I’m going to err on the side of going mild vs. overspicing.

I’m a decent cook when it comes to following a recipe exactly, but I’m not practiced enough to know how to think outside the box…