Drill Sergeant vs 10 year old boy

On the old Jenny Jones show there was one about “boot camp my pre-teen”. The drill sergeant probably has been going at this 10 year old for awhile, but just shows the ending, something the drill sergeant didn’t expect at all from the kid, and had to break routine.

Would like to know what happened to that young kid, and the drill sergeant, wondering if they ever kept in touch.

You aren’t the only one wondering. The Drill Sergeant’s name is Raymond Moses, he was a regular guest on JJ. No one seems to know what happened to the little boy.

One of the comments to that video (posted two days ago), “This aired in 1998 on the Jenny Jones Show. She says on her blog that they do not know where this boy(young man) is now and asks if anyone knows how he is doing to please share. She is getting a lot of questions now that this video has gone viral.”