drink can contents longevity

a friend of mine recently cleaned out his fridge and found a can of beer that we estimated had been there over ten years.

it still fizzed but tasted terrible.

the question is: how long would it take for the contents of a drink container to totally leach away, if ever?

and if it did leach away what the hell would be in the can?


would outside pressure crush the can?

Well, no. The only way the contents of a beverage can could totally leak out is if the can were punctured or corroded through. That or a manufacturing defect that kept it from being completely sealed, which is a rare occurence. Barring corrosion, a modern can could hold its contents indefinitely, but in practice, corrosion would eventually eat throgh the container, spilling the contents. I have no figures on how long this would take for cans made today, but I suspect at least hundreds of years.