Drink Recipe Help: Tequila & Grand Marnier

Ok, I find myself with two nearly full bottles of good Tequila and two barely used bottles of Grand Marnier… its a long, not very exciting, story about how my cupboard ended up full of this stuff.

Anyway, my housemate and I are sick of Margaritas. Any suggestions on good drink recipes to use this stuff in? I tend to like fruity drinks (not a real fan of straight Tequila).

I’d prefer not to have to go out and buy any more bottles of alcohol right now… so no recipes that require anything additional that I can’t get at the grocery store.

Recipes for food will work too!

Thanks for any help!

Dude, that’s what you get when you put Tequila and Grand Marnier together (with a little limejuice): a Margarita. What else can you possibly do?

I’ve cooked prawns in Tequila, which was way good, and I’ve sipped Grand Marnier after dinner, but they’re not the two most versatile liquids on the planet.

Aside from sending them to me, i don’t know of that many things you could do. I just went Here and searched for Tequila and Grand Marnier. I got some 20 results.


Well, Webtender.com beats that with 104 hits on a search:

Clicky Linky Thingy

If you go to the home page, and create a “bar” with just those two ingredients, it will suggest up to 189 drinks using those and up to two other ingredients… some with names like Choad, Sweaty Mexican Lumberjack, and Warp Core Breach.

Me, I’ll stick to Tequila Sunrise (OJ, Tequila, and a splash of Grand Marnier).

I suggest therapy. Being “sick of Margaritas” is clearly a bad sign.

Wait a minute…you don’t want to have to buy any more alcohol but you want a variety of palatable fruity drinks that don’t resemble a margarita?

blink blink

While I like Bughunter’s suggestion, that is not, technically, a Tequila Sunrise…which is tequila, OJ, and a float of grenadine which sinks to the bottom and creates the “sunrise” effect.

So buy some OJ and grenadine, and spike it with the Grand Marnier for fun. That’s pretty much all you can do, my friend; tequila is not a friendly mixer like vodka or rum, and Grand Marnier is hardly what I’d call a versatile mixer either. I mean, you could try all kinds of things, but they probably won’t taste very good. I know a few people who drink tequila with Sprite, but frankly that sounds like hell in a glass to me.

Without the purchase and addition of other liquors, you’re screwed, my friend. And if you’re sick of margaritas, you’re probably just not making 'em right. :smiley:

Buy some Minute Maid Limeade, spike it with tequila, and THROW A PARTY! Call it “Knoxville Party Punch” and pretend you’re cool.

And if your friends don’t want the Grand Marnier, send it my way.