Favorite Cocktails?

After much enjoyable experimentation, I have determined that the best margarita is made with 1 1/2 shots of tequila (Hornitos or Cuervo 1800), 3/4 shot of Cointreau, and 3/4 shot of fresh lime juice, shaken with ice and strained into a cocktail glass. None of that sour mix slushie crud for me.

What do you guys like to drink? How do you fix 'em? Does it depend on your mood? I like scotch when I’ve had a bad day; Rusty Nails (scotch and drambuie) or Rob Roys (scotch and sweet vermouth) or the Ward 8 (a scotch sour w/ a dash of grenadine). And you can’t go wrong with a classic single malt.

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For special occassions, nothing beats a French 75. A glass of champagne, a 1/4 oz gin, a 1/4oz of Cointreau and a splash of lemon juice. Use it to toast your next party.
http://www.hotwired.com/cocktail is an excellent reference and good reading besides.

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I rarely drink but, when I do, I’m all about those foo-foo chick drinks. I love black/white Russians, mudslides, and rattlesnakes. There’s also a mudslide type drink that I’ve picked up a few times at the liquor store called Hot Sex. It’s like a mudslide with ginger liquor. Amazing.

I never make them myself except for possibly pouring them from the bottle into a glass. I do prefer that they be more foo-foo than serious alcohol ;).

Okay, this rooster walks into a bar and… oh, not that kind of cock tale… I like champagne with orange juice. I think it’s called a mimosa?

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I’m having a Labor Day Luau this week (y’all are invited). We’ll be drinking mai-tais. Yum!

I’m also becoming quite fond of Cosmopolitans.

I agree, Jophiel; hotwired’s Cocktail site rocks. It is mostly due to it that I have a selection of liquor that would put a bar to shame. I’ve even done the flaming drinks and the pousse-cafes (layered drinks); both drink types taste terrible but impress the heck out of people. I defintely recommend flaming drinks as the first few drinks of the night, rather than later on, unless you have designated drivers handy with a fire extinguisher.

another cool drink: Hemingway daiquiri, with rum, grapefruit juice, lime, and maraschino liquour.

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At parties lately, I’ve been drinking something that I invented. The ingredients are one can of Mountain Dew, plus one shot of tequila, served in a salted glass.

I’m tentatively calling it a “Buzzbomb”, at least until I hear of another drink by that name.

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My personal drink is Gin and tonic at first I thought this tastes like perfume smells. But it kinda grew on me.
As for made up drinks. I was at a batchelor party and someone came up with 4 shots of everclear and 2 shots or peppermint schnappps he called it a PPC ( Particle Projection Cannon ) on account of this is what it turned you into. Warning dont ask for ice it sinks.

It all depends on the circumstances. The most pleasant drink is the Banana Colada served in a hollowed out coconut. Now it may because you can only drink it on the beach in the sun, but hey a drink is bigger than whats in the glass.

Favorite get drunk before I go out on a cheap budget without equipment is a Captain Morgans and Coke/Sprite. Add rootbeer schnapps to create the super rootbeer, a personal creation.

Bonding shot, tequila/Cuervo 1800, salt, lime and good friends.

I enjoy Grand Marnier on the rocks as an after dinner drink with cheesecake.

Omni- I make my cheesecakes with Grand Marnier… about 1/4 cup in the cheesecake part and about that much in the sour cream topping. Subtle and a nice contrast to the tang of cream cheese and sour cream. I’ll bet with a snifter of Grand Marnier on the side it would be delightful!

BTW anyone know what the hell goes into a Zombie? I’ve had one but had no idea what was in it. Hell, after one I had no idea what my own name was!

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I don’t like a topping on my cheesecake, but it is great along with Grand Marnier.

Heres a zombie recipe, beware that this is one of those drinksthat is made differently everywhere. http://www.hotwired.com/cocktail/97/05/index4a.html

My faves:

Vodka Collins
Tequila Sunrise
Alabama Slammer

Don’t drink that much but these are the “girls night out” drinks.

Melonball! Melonball!

1 small can of pineapple juice, a shot or so of Midori (melon liquor). be sure to ask for a Midori melonball, as there is some cheap melon liquor substitute out there blech
Anyhoo, I’ve gone through a 32oz bottle of Midori already this summer. It’s also great with half and half over ice…(a grasshopper?)

So a grasshopper goes into a bar, and the bartender says “Hey! We have a drink named after you!” The grasshopper replies “Really? You have a drink named Steve?”

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My favorite cocktail when at a bar is a gin/tequila gimlet, mostly because it’s hard to screw up–just alcohol and rose’s lime. I have had some memorably bad ones, though, especially when they serve it “neat” (lukewarm).

If you make a mai tai with dark rum and blue curacuo, it is a unnervingly brilliant green.

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I usually drink gin and tonics
1 1/2 shots of Bombay Sapphire in a low ball glass 2 dashes of bitters a lime slice and ice and fill the rest with tonic

but I also make a mean 3 mile island iced tea
take a big glass (one that can hold a whole can of soda or beer with a little extra room and add the following:
1 shot of each of the following:
Triple Sec
Light Rum
That should fill the glass 1/3 full
then fill the next third witl sweet and sour mix, and the last third with coke, then add 3 dashes of bitters.

You won’t be able to taste the alcohol, but it will make you feel pretty swell after one or two.

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I can only do so much of the sweet stuff, but every once in a while Carmel Apple or a Copper Camel shooters or Fuzzy Navels can really hit the spot.

I love tequila, salt, and lime shooters but can only handle a couple before I am dancing on the table.

My drink of choice is pretty basic and boring, Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum and Diet Pepsi, Coors Light, or Spicy Bloody Mary. My favorite hot tub drink is sparkling white wine (fake Champagne - does anyone drink the REAL stuff?) with cranberry juice.


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Slippery nipple or Sex on the Beach

Four fingers of Tequila (1800), straight. Nummers! :slight_smile:

Common ¢ for all ages…
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Diane, please tell me you did not just say you drink rum with Pepsi (diet, at that). I will be forced to lose all respect for you, dear. :wink:

I’m primarily a beer person, with my tastes tending towards the super-crisp and fruity beers (think Beck’s), as well as porters. Aside from that, I’m a vodka person; first choice is your plain old vodka & tonic, screwdrivers are an OK second, and a Bloody Mary if I’m forced.

Sorry, pldennison–I am a vodka bigot. I admit it. Why drink something that tries as hard as it can to taste like nothing? Alcohol for people who don’t like the taste of alcohol!

I do, however, usually keep a bottle of Finlandia vodka in the freezer for friends, so vodka drinkers might want to cultivate my aquaintance, despite my prejudices. :wink:

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