Drinking alcohol with Bacrim DS (kidney infection)

Awful! Do not do it!

It’s probably ok to do it!

No effect whatsover!

I tend to take these warnings with grains of salt because I take Lexapro daily and Xanax as needed and have never lessened my alcohol consumption. I’m finding different reports. What’s the real story?

There are no interactions between Sulfamethoxazole & Trimethoprim and ethyl alcohol. It would be totally fine to drink while taking Bactrim DS during a normal 10-14 day course of treatment. Now, if you are taking Bactrim DS every day for prophylaxis then I would recommend taking a multi-vitamin with it if you drink every day (Mainly for B-12 and Folic Acid).

I must dissent, Hirka.

from the Micromedex on Bactrim:

So, in some individuals, Bactrim (and other sulfa-type drugs) can act like antabuse, causing some really nasty symptoms. I’ve had a few patients comment on the effect when prescribed sulfa over the years.


I should also note that this reaction is fairly uncommon, and not life-threatening.

I got my information from Clinical Pharmacology, and they don’t have any interactions listed between SMZ-TMP and Ethanol. I haven’t heard of the disulfiram-like reaction with Sulfa drugs before, but you do have much more clinical experience then I do (as in you have a lot, and I have almost none), so can see you seeing more of the rare reactions.

If you do get a disulfiram-like reaction, you’ll know it really quick. You’ll start to feel like you have a hang over within about 20 minutes after drinking. But, as Qadgop said, it is normally not life-threatening. If you drink on the medication, and start getting nausea or vomiting, as long as you stop drinking then, you’ll be fine, and know you’re one of the rare people with the interaction.