Last two episodes, Wednesday night at – I think – 8pm on Fox.

What the hell is in the safe deposit box?

Marcellus Wallace’s soul.

A copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

The world may never know–much like what, exactly, Book is.

Oh, I’m sure we’ll find out. Of course, we’ll be left with an even bigger cliffhanger. I predict that once again, a contestant will be told to kill someone.

Actually, they got bumped to next week, on the 13th.

July 13 - Back to Back Episodes

Even after being canceled, it got bumped!

D’oh! I have a feeling we’ll never see those episodes.

Actually, I doubt it’s much worth it anyway. Without the entire series, there will be no closure or real clue about where it was going.

I’m not sure if I’ll watch them or not.

When did that change? I just sat down to watch after taping my Fox affiliate for two hours, and found that I taped that Adam Sandler movie, Anger Management, instead.

And to a Friday The 13th. :dubious:

Somehow I suspect I’ll never get to see these eps.

Me neither. Did it air? I forgot to record it, and there’s nothing about it on the Fox website.

It didn’t air, and never will. But you can watch them at the Fox website as of tomorrow.

As of tomorrow? Cool. I’m there.


Where did you get this info? Their website, as far as I can tell, has nothing about this. No last episodes, and no info about when we can see them.

I read it here is the news about the last two episodes not airing, and this has the bit about them being on the website as of today.

I can’t tell if they are yet or not; I don’t have the right browser or plugin.

Both episodes are available here:


Well, there’s my plans for the evening.


What the hell is in the box?!?

Did you manage to DL and watch the episodes? Someone I know was told they were of such poor quality (production, not content) as to be virtually unwatchable.

And…what was in the box? Spoiler, please.

(I’m on dial up, so I will not be seeing the episodes.)

Oh hell no. They were so stop and start that it took me 2 hours to watch 5 minutes. By the time I got to the opening credits, it was my bed time already.

Never did find out what was in the box.

This might be resolved by downloading them.