Drivers license question

I got a ticket a week or so ago in which I gave my drivers license in lieu of bond. This is hampering my social life as I can’t get into bars until I get it back. I don’t have a Social Security card as of right now, so I can’t get a state ID, but I do have all that’s required to get a duplicate drivers license. Would I be doing something wrong by getting a replacement license after I surrendered my original for bond?

What sort of ticket?

Moving violation. I drove through a “Do Not Enter” sign. Stupid.

But in Illinois you can get court supervision through the mail, and I’m eligable. I sent in my check and all that over a week ago.

Was alcohol involved?

Here’s a nutty thought. Call either the DMV to find out about a replacement license (IMHO they will tell you “no” because your license wasn’t lost or stolen or destroyed) or call the police department to find out about paying the bond and recovering your license.

FWIW, for those of you who are AAA members, this is what the “arrest bond certificate” that they give you is for – I assume this is for AAA all over the US, and not just Michigan. Here we don’t have to pay a stupid bond for a ticket. Well, maybe, if you’re from out of state, but they do give you a receipt so you can continue driving.

Are you sure that you can’t get a state ID? If you have a driver’s license on file and you bring in your birth certificate, they should be able to tell all they need to know. I’m not saying it will work, but call the DMV and see.