Secure ID Driver's License - should I get it or not?

My spouse and I both need to renew our driver’s licenses next year. The BMV seems to be really pushing this “secure ID” thing. However, it seems to require a lot of documents in addition to our old, unexpired licenses. This includes complications like getting documentation of his social security number (he lost his card decades ago), I have to prove who I am now is the same person mentioned on my birth certificate despite the name change at marriage, and so forth.

Oh, and we have been having ALL our significant mail - bills, statements, etc. - either on-line or sent to a PO Box because our street box is completely unsecure, and we don’t have a written lease, so proving we live where we do is going to be interesting as normally we just show our driver’s licenses but I’m told we need TWO documents, not just one.

This is really a pain in the ass.

So… it’s not required for us, but should we do it anyway and get it over with?

Also, does a secure ID driver’s license enable you to cross the US/Canada border without a passport like my dad’s and sister’s enhanced driver’s license does?

Getting a new SS card shouldn’t be that big of a deal, and probably something he will need to do regardless. Time will come when he’ll need it. (opening a new bank account, etc.)

Do you have a passport? Would it help? Have you had a drivers license from the same state for an appreciable time?
Our state accepts utility bills in your name with your service address on them as proof of residence. Does yours?
Here is what the Soc Sec Admin has on it.

No, don’t get it until you can prove where you live. Without a lease or any mail with your house address on it, how do you plan to clear this hurdle?

I haven’t had my SS card in 25 years. I’ve bought and sold houses, gotten new jobs, open and closed bank accounts, and I’ve never needed the original card. A valid passport seems to negate all need for an SS card.

It’s not listed here, so apparently not. The SecureID FAQ page doesn’t actually list any reasons why someone would want one, so I’d lean heavily towards the option that’s not a pain in the ass.

ETA: The WHTI page still says “scheduled to produce by May 30, 2009,” though, so maybe it’s just out of date.

An SS card is in no way necessary to open a bank account.

Yes, but it expired over 25 years ago.

Apparently not - it’s expired.

Yep - it will be 15 years at the time of renewal. Problem is, that’s not sufficient documentation, I need other stuff along with it.

Yes, but our utilities are included in our rent so that’s not applicable to us.

Actually, we get lots of mail at our address, but it’s all junk mail. I suppose we could go back to paper bank statements at our street address, but the reason we changed to our PO Box is that we were only getting our statements about half the time.

I wonder if they’ll take my voter ID card or my pilot’s license? Which would work for me, but my spouse has neither of those.

I suppose we could get our landlord to give us a written lease - we’ve been on a handshake agreement for nearly 14 years now but I doubt he’d have any objection to putting it in writing. He offered to do that back when we were establishing documentation for public aid but it turned out not to be necessary.

I’m trying to figure out what the State of Indiana means by a “Secure ID” license and why anyone would want one. It may be that it’s the same as a license compliant with the Real ID Act of 2005. That Wikipedia article says that if you don’t have a “Real ID” license, you can’t use it to board a plane or enter a federal building. That article also says that this is opposed by a bunch of states.

I don’t have a “Secure ID” drivers license. I have no problem boarding commercial aircraft nor entering a federal building.

Apparently the Real ID licenses have been offered by only a few states so far. Presumably they can’t enforce this until such licenses are available everywhere, and have been for a while.

Check any renters/auto insurance insurance policies. The renter’s insurance should identify the premises it covers and the car insurance may have the complete address listed as the location where the car is normally kept. Some of the the bills I pay online ( and BTW cable and cell-phone bills usually count as utility bills) allow me the option of seeing the bill they would send in the mail with my address and everything, so I could print a copy containing the address.

Also , the website says a W2 or pre-printed paystub with your name and address or an Indiana voter’s registration card counts.